Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin.  The definition of adventure

Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin. The definition of adventure

I was afraid to meet this bike not only because of the legend that surrounds it in my unrepentant Honda, but also because of its dimensions. Is it right? Honda Africa Twin is big, above all very high (the seat is 750 mm long) and quite heavy (229 kg), so it’s time to push it. parking lot stay awake

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Sometimes, during a maneuver in a narrow yard, but on a forest road, I regretted that I was not heavier and stronger. But on the road, Honda has been doing well ever since speed below the horizontal threshold (up to approximately 15 km / h), until driving at an express speed. Taking turns with Africa, regardless of the type of surface, is a lot of fun.

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The Honda Africa Twin is incredibly fast on any surface

Even with sealed tires, a 21-inch front wheel and soft suspension, the Africa floats on the pavement. I was impressed by his calmness. It offers great confidence in the corners, but at the same time remains agile to the extent that it seems to defy the laws of physics.

A parallel-twin engine with a capacity of 1084cc which I have already met in the tourist model NT1100 it has a lot of character and fits perfectly into the adventure category. It’s not the most dynamic power unit in the world, but it makes up for it with exceptional ease and a sound reminiscent of a racing tractor. Strong 102 HP is enough to drive fast in all conditions, even after that highway. The motorcycle accelerates very efficiently in the mid-rev range.

The Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin is offered in two versions: the heavier Adventure Sports caravan with an adjustable windshield, larger tank, electronic suspension, etc., and the cheaper and lighter one that I had the pleasure of riding.

Honda CRF1100L Africa TwinHonda CRF1100L Africa Twin photo by ŁK

The more expensive version of Adventure Games is ideal for travel

It is used instead of “burning” on street gravel, on the road and, as it turned out, also driving on urban and suburban asphalt. If you are taller than 175 cm, a standard bed will not be too long for you, and if you have a lot of strength or dexterity, maneuvering will not be too much of a problem. In this case, the African Twin is a good machine for any occasion, including the city.

Honda Safari is less expensive, because the basic version costs PLN 66,500, but it has many standard equipment (including IMU inertial sensor, 6.5-inch TFT touch screen, various driving modes, cruise control) and many options and accessories. And above all, it is a very refined, comfortable and versatile two-wheeler. I believe that “Africa” ​​is a complete and wonderful motorcycle. It flies through the air so smoothly and so fluently, you feel like a big man when you drive. To me, that’s still the definition of adventure class.

Honda CRF1100L Africa TwinHonda CRF1100L Africa Twin photo by ŁK