Honda Driver Glenn Irwin: twice in the Pole / Tourist Trophy

Honda Driver Glenn Irwin: twice in the Pole / Tourist Trophy

In the second qualifying session for the North West 200, Glenn Irwin was in top form. A Honda rider from Northern Ireland took a good position in the Superbike and Superstock classes.

Dissatisfied with the performance of his Honda CBR1000RR-R race after qualifying for the North West 200 for the first time, his BSB bike was quickly ready. Glenn Irwin proved that it was a good decision and a good time for the Superbike race. For a time of 4: 20.205 minutes, North Mwairland sat for about two seconds under the thigh record held by Michael Dunlop.

Peter Hickman also knew how to improve compared to the first qualifying session on Tuesday, given the excellent external conditions. The Brit had been on the timesheets for a long time, and it was only at the last minute that the BMW driver slowly lost to Irwin. Behind the surprise man Richard Copper (Suzuki) and Dean Harrison (Kawasaki), local hero Michael Dunlop graduated only five (Suzuki) for the second column of the grid.

Josh Brookes, who emerged victorious on Tuesday in his Ducati career that originally intended for Michael Dunlop, did not play any role. In front of his team boss Paul Bird, the Australian who only finished 8th behind Davey Todd (Honda) and James Hillier (Yamaha) would have won the top 10.

Lukas Maurer of Switzerland jumped forward. The Kawasaki pilot scored 26 times and was able to overtake new Austrian newcomer Julian Trummer (BMW), who was just ahead of Switzerland in the first round and was credited with having the 31st fastest time in the qualifying round. Swiss Olivier Lupberger (Kawasaki) finished 49th in the national grid in his first match in the NW 200.

Also in the Superstock class, four-time NW200 winner Glenn Irwin got the best grid position on his Honda. And second place in the grid – ahead of Davey Todd (Honda) and Peter Hickman (BMW) – Alastair Seeley (Yamaha) got a good start to another victory in the 14-kilometer triangle. indisputable winner 24 times.

In the Supersport class, Seeley (Yamaha) will start the two races from a pole position. His teammate Adam McLean (Kawasaki) made a surprise start in the second period of practice, dropping Davey Todd (Honda) and Michael Dunlop (Yamaha) to third and fourth place respectively. However, he benefited from the fact that it started to rain in some places in the middle of the training period.

Included training sessions
big bike
1. Glenn Irwin (NI), Honda, 4: 20.205 2. Peter Hickman (GB), BMW, 4: 22.447. 3. Richard Cooper (GB), 4: 23,996. 4. Dean Harrison (GB), Kawasaki, 4: 24.153. 5. Michael Dunlop (NI), Suzuki, 4: 24,232. 6. Davey Todd (GB), Honda, 4: 26.081. 7. James Hillier (GB), Yamaha, 4: 26.711. 8. Josh Brookes (AUS), Ducati, 4: 27.054. 9. Lee Johnston (NI), BMW, 4: 27.640. 10. John McGuinness (UK), Honda, 4: 28.896. Also: 26. Lukas Maurer (CH), Kawasaki, 4: 39.179. 31. Julian Trummer (A), BMW, 4: 45.908. 49. Olivier Lupberger (CH), Kawasaki, 4: 58.247.

1. Glenn Irwin (NI), Honda, 4: 24.671 2. Alastair Seeley (NI), Yamaha, 4: 25.500. 3. Davey Todd (UK), Honda, 4: 25.999. 4. Peter Hickman (UK), BMW, 4: 26.404. 5. Michael Dunlop (NI), Honda, 4: 27.211. 6. Lee Johnston (NI), BMW, 4: 27.610. 7. Richard Cooper (GB), Suzuki, 4: 28.633. 8. John McGuinness (GB), Honda, 4: 28.817. 9.Michael Sweeney (IRL), BMW, 4: 31.542. 10. Dominic Herbertson (NI), BMW, 4: 31.592. Also: 31. Julian Trummer (A), BMW, 4: 45.661. xx Lukas Maurer (CH), Kawasaki, 4: 56.478. 49. Olivier Lupberger (CH), Kawasaki, 5: 01.465.

super game
1. Alastair Seeley (NI), Yamaha, 4: 38.774. 2. Adam McLean (NI), Kawasaki, 4: 39.237. 3. Davey Todd (UK), Honda, 4: 39.418. 4.Michael Dunlop (NI), Yamaha, 4: 40,510. 5. Dean Harrison (GB), Kawasaki, 4: 40.619. 6. James Hillier (GB), Yamaha, 4: 42.199. 7. Lee Johnston (NI), Yamaha, 4: 42.935. 8. Paul Jordan (NI), Yamaha, 4: 43.269. 9.Michael Sweeney (IRL), Yamaha, 4: 44,773. 10. Conor Cummins (GBM), Honda, 4: 44.919.

super twins
1. Richard Cooper (GB), Kawasaki, 4: 51.951 2. Pierre Yves Bian (F), Paton, 4: 52.995. 3. Paul Jordan (NI), Kawasaki, 4: 53.778. 4.Joe Loughlin (IRL), Paton, 4: 54.948. 5. Jeremy McWilliams (NI), Paton, 4: 55.087. 6. Jamie Coward (GB), Kawasaki, 4: 56.251. 7. Michael Dunlop (NI), Kawasaki, 4: 56.403. 8. Lee Johnston (NI), Aprilia, 4: 57.850. 9. Michael Rutter (GB), Paton, 4: 59.174. 10.Michael Sweeney (IRL), Kawasaki, 4: 59.836. Also: 27th Julian Trummer (A), Kawasaki, 5: 20.005.

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