Honda e:Ny1 2024 Revealed, Release Date, Pricing, and Specs

Honda e:Ny1 2024 Revealed, Release Date, Pricing, and Specs

The advent of the Honda e: Ny1 2024, an electric compact SUV, is imperative in meeting the stringent government regulations that mandate 22% of all vehicle sales to be fully electric by 2024. A joint venture between GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Group) and Honda has unveiled their premier vehicle, the GAC Honda e: NP1, in China.

The vehicle is anchored on the e: N Architecture F platform, specifically engineered for front-wheel-drive EVs and equipped with two powerful options – 134kW (180hp) and 150kW (201hp). The e: NP1 is available in two range alternatives, boasting either a 420km or a remarkable 510km CLTC range.

Honda’s fervent foray into the realm of electric vehicles appears to be taking shape splendidly. Recent trademark filings divulged that the automaker is preparing to release nine new EV models, with one of them being the e: Ny1. Currently, the e: Ny1 is only available in prototype form, but it showcases a contemporary, coupe-like aesthetic that resembles the European variant of Honda’s newest HR-V.

As a fully electric vehicle, the e: Ny1’s market positioning and powertrain make it a prime contender against other electric models, such as the Hyundai Kona Electric. However, the looming question remains whether or not the e: Ny1 will be available in the US market and stand alongside its more sizable sibling, the Prologue electric SUV, which has already been confirmed for local distribution.

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Nonetheless, given that the USA is expected to receive its own next-generation HR-V with a distinct, exclusive design and hybrid powertrain, it is improbable that the e: Ny1 will debut in the American market. Nevertheless, the e: Ny1 serves as a thrilling glimpse into Honda’s forthcoming all-electric future.

When Is The 2024 Honda e: Ny1 Coming Out?

The promulgation of the Honda e:Ny1’s debut has been meticulously arranged for 2023 in the European continent, ostensibly as a 2024 iteration. In the event that it crosses the Atlantic to the United States, its potential arrival on our coasts may not materialize until the year  2024.

The triumph of the upcoming Honda e: Ny1 electric SUV, which is scheduled for release next year, is crucial to the company’s goal of attaining the upcoming zero-emissions targets outlined by the government. The e: Ny1 is Honda’s first mainstream electric car, following the niche, European-exclusive Honda E. It is comparable in size to the Honda HR-V but perches on a distinct electric platform.

What’s The Price Of The 2024 e:Ny1?

The venerated automaker, Honda, has yet to divulge the pecuniary value of the 2024 iteration of the Honda e:Ny1. Notwithstanding, the freshly minted HR-V hybrid, which is retailed across the Atlantic, commences its price range at an exorbitant sum of £27,960 (which is tantamount to around $36,800) in the United Kingdom. Given this benchmark, it can be reasonably inferred that the all-electric e:Ny1 will fetch a starting price that surpasses $40,000 in terms of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Rebecca Adamson, Honda’s Head of Cars in the UK, proclaimed during a worldwide presentation by the automaker that “It is our first mainstream EV offering. The Honda E has been a great showpiece, but this car will take our BEV ambitions to a new level. It will offer more range and a more usable set-up, and we must hit our targets.”

Jean-Marc Streng, Honda’s Managing Director in the UK, added that the company’s concentration on profitability over sales volume in recent years would bolster its transition to electric sales. Honda sold more than 100,000 cars in the UK in 2007, but this year, it anticipates selling about 30,000 while maintaining record profits.

The Honda e: Ny1 2024 initiative, based on a percentage-driven governmental mandate, shall not require the enforcement of electric vehicle sales to meet prescribed benchmarks, as profit supersedes volume in our strategic priorities. This advantageous approach allows for our steadfast focus on profitable retail sales, without resorting to any forced distribution channels.

Moreover, the purported apprehension regarding the high mean age of Honda buyers, presently at 64 years old, as the company transitions towards fully electric automobiles has been dismissed by Adamson. She vehemently maintains that the unwavering loyalty of our customer base towards newfangled technologies has remained unaltered. In fact, the Honda Jazz, which was previously offered as a manual and chosen by half of our customers, has since become our best-selling automobile, despite its shift to only an automatic transmission. This fact exemplifies the potent fidelity of our patrons.

2024 Honda e:Ny1

I proffer that our esteemed reputation for reliability, innovation, integrity, and trustworthiness shall prove advantageous for us. Our clientele is cognizant of our longstanding track record of fulfilling our commitments, and I am of the opinion that it shall make them more disposed to embrace emerging technology.

Honda’s retail participation in the alternative fuel vehicle segment, with a focus on hybrids, has burgeoned at the second-most rapid rate amongst all manufacturers in the United Kingdom this year, as per our internal data. Only Toyota has surpassed us in this regard. With the unveiling of the novel Honda Civic this year, all of our central models shall be electrified.

Our corporation has made a vow to market 30 novel electric vehicles globally by 2030, and we have announced plans to co-launch a minimum of one new electric vehicle in association with Sony in 2025 and partnered with GM to co-develop electric vehicles for the US market.

The introduction of the fully electric 2024 Honda Prologue SUV denotes a new epoch of electric-powered Honda vehicles. This adventure-ready SUV offers the same versatility and driving range as our present durable SUV lineup, providing hassle-free transportation for daily commutes and weekend jaunts.

New Honda e: Ny1 Exterior And Colors

It is not an arcane truth that the e:Ny1 of Honda, slated for 2024, is nothing but an all-electric iteration of the European Honda HR-V. The two crossovers doth share remarkably similar aesthetic features, such as the svelte headlights, an angular and sloping roofline, and rear door handles integrated within the C-pillar.

Nevertheless, the exterior of the Honda e:Ny1 is devoid of a customary grille, and the front logo of Honda doth shine with luminosity, albeit this attribute may be confined to the prototype. At the rear, the vehicle beholds a full-length light-emitting diode light bar, and the rear window is angled dramatically; albeit this feature is visually appealing, it may lessen the cargo space somewhat. Nevertheless, it’s an innovative and refreshing design, and certainly more engrossing than the extant HR-V sold in the United States of America.

The spectrum of colors that the Honda e:Ny1 will offer hath not been uncovered as of yet; nevertheless, it hath been photographed in silver. We envisage that the vehicle will present a much wider color palette when it becomes available for sale.

2024 Honda e:Ny1 1

Honda e:Ny1 Dimensions

The forthcoming Honda e:Ny1 is anticipated to exhibit commensurate dimensions with its European counterpart, the HR-V. The latter’s specifications include a length of 170.9 inches, a width of 70.5 inches, and a height of 62.3 inches. It is pertinent to note that the base model of HR-V in the United Kingdom boasts a curb weight exceeding 3,000 pounds; nonetheless, the e:Ny1’s weight is likely to be substantially greater due to the compact yet weighty battery pack.

Honda’s prodigious expertise with hybrid vehicles has attracted customers for many years, but we have been slow to penetrate the fully electric vehicle sector. Honda shall present a new all-electric subcompact SUV in Europe next year as part of our electrified vehicle range expansion. The vehicle, known as the Honda e: Ny1 Prototype, shall form the foundation of Honda’s forthcoming products in Europe.

In gazing upon the depictions of the e: Ny1 Prototype, it becomes apparent that we are laying our eyes upon Honda’s battery-electric rendition of the HR-V. The battery-electric iteration of the HR-V will be presented to the Chinese market this spring by Honda’s two conglomerates, the e: NS1 (Dongfeng Honda) and e: NP1 (GAC Honda).

Honda e:Ny1 Engine And Performance

Honda has, to this day, refrained from disclosing the powertrain specifications for its forthcoming e:Ny1. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that a vehicle virtually identical to the aforementioned model is presently available in China, retailed as the e:NS1 by Dongfeng Honda and as the e:NP1 by GAC Honda. In that specific market, this battery-electric crossover has the capacity to generate as much as 201 horsepower by means of its solitary electric motor.

A comparatively less potent 180-hp iteration is also obtainable. It is pertinent to observe that this 201-hp output aligns precisely with that of the Hyundai Kona Electric, a vehicle that boasts a 0-60 mph sprint time of roughly 6.5 seconds. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Honda to deliver equivalent levels of performance if it intends to successfully penetrate this segment with the e:Ny1.

This electric crossover marvel is equipped with a 68.8-kWh battery package that empowers a front-mounted electric motor boasting 150 kW (201 hp). According to the assessment performed by China’s CLTC, the Honda e:NS1/e: NP1 is capable of covering a distance of up to 510 kilometers on a complete battery charge and has the ability to achieve a maximum speed of 150 km/h.

As for the European-spec model, it remains undisclosed whether the same powertrain will be employed. In addition, Honda is anticipated to disclose the site of production for the e: Ny1, with China appearing to be the most probable location. The principal portion of the novel electric goods seems to be focused on the American and Chinese markets.

2024 Honda e:Ny1 2

Range, Charging, And Battery Life

The forthcoming Honda e:Ny1, a model slated for release in 2024, is expected to be equipped with a bombastic 68.8-kilowatt-hour battery pack that boasts an impressive driving range of 311 miles when fully charged, according to the specifications of its China-exclusive counterparts, the e:NS1 and e:NP1. It is important to note, however, that such figures are based on the China Light-duty Test Cycle and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings are expected to be slightly lower at around 250 miles.

To further augment its usability, the e:Ny1 also features rapid charging capabilities that allow the battery to be replenished to an impressive 80% capacity in approximately 30 minutes. With the current global focus on fuel efficiency and the mounting pressure on manufacturers to prioritize eco-friendly alternatives, the compact and fully electric e:Ny1 crossover is anticipated to be a cost-effective option for conscientious drivers seeking to minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing their driving pleasure.

In China, the company has scheduled the launch of 10 fresh EVs by 2027, while simultaneously inaugurating the Honda Prologue and a yet-to-be-named Acura mid-to-large SUVs in the US in 2024, both of which were jointly developed with General Motors.

Honda, a prominent purveyor of automobile machinery, has vowed to march steadfastly into an electrified future, with ambitions of surpassing a remarkable 2 million units of annual EV production, underpinned by the introduction of novel solid-state battery technology.

The corporation’s aspirations extend beyond this, with a firm resolution to terminate the sale of internal combustion engines by the year 2040, concurrently working towards achieving carbon neutrality a decade thereafter. This endeavor will be sustained by an astonishingly large monetary commitment of eight trillion yen (£49bn) allocated towards researching and developing hydrogen and swappable battery powertrains, while an additional five trillion yen (£31bn) will be exclusively devoted to advancing electric technology and software.

Honda’s agenda includes the release of the e: Ny1, a compact electric SUV in Europe in the upcoming year, alongside blueprints for an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) craft and a multi-fingered robot.

2024 Honda e:Ny1 3

Honda e:Ny1 Interior And Cargo

The upcoming release of the Honda e:Ny1 in the year 2024 has generated a great deal of speculation among car enthusiasts, and the recently released images of the China-specific e:NS1 and e:NP1 cabins provide a window into what we can expect from the e:Ny1’s interior design.

It is apparent from these images that the e:NS1 and e:NP1 boast an enormous 15.2-inch portrait-style touchscreen interface and a digital gauge cluster, features that are likely to be incorporated into the Honda e:Ny1’s interior as well. This reliance on cutting-edge technology represents a significant departure from Honda’s current lineup, but it is a natural development as the automotive industry increasingly shifts towards electric vehicles.

Furthermore, the Honda e:Ny1’s seats appear to be embellished with attractive stitching and contrast piping, offering a luxurious touch to the car’s interior. Despite its compact size, it is unlikely that the e:Ny1 will have a third seating row, and we can expect its cargo space to be similar to that of the European HR-V hybrid, which provides roughly 11 cubic feet of storage.

In North America, Honda joined hands with General Motors to unveil the Prologue and Acura SUV in 2024, followed by the introduction of an “affordable” electric car series three years later, with plans to set up a new manufacturing plant in North America. Meanwhile, in China, ten EVs will be made available by 2027, with Japan set to witness the launch of a small commercial electric car followed by a new electric SUV.

The distinguished automaker, Honda, is set to unveil two electrifying, all-electric flagship sports cars, which, according to the automaker, will encapsulate Honda’s universal sports mindset and distinct attributes.

As of now, the manufacturer employs lithium-ion batteries to power its electric models. However, Honda has announced its intent to venture into the production of solid-state batteries. The company has pledged a whopping 43 billion yen (£263m) towards the development of a state-of-the-art production line, targeting a complete operational status by the vernal equinox of 2024.

In the year of our Lord, 2024, Honda has set its sights on producing electric vehicles equipped with solid-state batteries, following the commencement of its battery production facility. In the latter half of this decade, the esteemed brand seeks to forge ahead with this innovative venture. Come 2026, the brand shall introduce its groundbreaking ‘e: Architecture’ EV platform, replete with state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies.

In its tireless pursuit of automotive excellence, Honda vows to endow its upcoming EV models with even greater value, thanks to the ingenuity of its novel e: Architecture platform. The automaker proclaims that it shall leave no stone unturned in its quest to offer improved connectivity features to its esteemed customers. “We shall devote our every effort towards constructing a cross-domain connected platform, which shall usher in unprecedented value for our patrons”, declares Honda with unwavering confidence.

The esteemed corporation avows that through a resolute focus on augmenting the interconnectivity of its vehicles, it shall be enabled to transmute the portfolio of the Honda enterprise.

Of late, Honda has proclaimed its collaboration with Sony to fabricate novel electric automobiles, with the inaugural model slated to launch by 2025. Additionally, the company has allied with General Motors to engender a greater number of such vehicles.

The electric SUV that Honda has crafted owes its genesis to the design studios of the enterprise in the United States of America (specifically, in Los Angeles) and Japan. Notably, the Prologue, which is the aforementioned SUV, represents the corporation’s first-ever model fashioned mainly through the usage of virtual reality technology. Moreover, the development of the latest Honda electric car also transpires in the Land of the Rising Sun.

2024 Honda e:Ny1 5

The Honda e: Ny1 2024, unveiled on May 18, 2022, boasts a design that is set to imbue comfort in any Honda dealership. The Honda Prologue flaunts a crossover-SUV design that resembles that of a standard gas-powered model, eschewing the idiosyncratic proportions evident in bespoke electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y and VW ID.4.

Notwithstanding its conventional appearance, the Prologue is expected to offer the superior aerodynamics, featuring sleek surfaces, a conspicuously raked windshield, a low and sloping roofline, slender mirrors, and a closed upper grille. Honda opted for a slightly technical look that mirrors the futuristic nature of its powertrain, evidenced by the narrow headlights and cubical front fog lights that mark a departure from the CR-V and Pilot.

With an upright face, a strong shoulder line, and robust alloy wheels, the Prologue exudes power and vigor, projecting an air of masculinity. The charging port is ingeniously located on the front-left fender, resembling the upcoming Chevy Blazer Electric.

While mainstream automakers are adopting flush door handles for their aerodynamic and styling advantages, Honda is bucking the trend, opting for the convenience of traditional handles on the Prologue. Honda expressed its commitment to establishing a cross-domain connected platform that will create novel value propositions for its customers.

Through an unwavering commitment to fortify the connectivity of its automotive offerings, Honda endeavors to revolutionize the entirety of its business portfolio.

Fresh off a momentous collaboration with Sony to craft novel electric vehicles, with an inaugural model slated for release in 2025, Honda further aims to join forces with General Motors to produce a fleet of reasonably priced EVs commencing in 2027. Care to take a glimpse at the Honda Prologue, an electric SUV premised on GM technology, that shall soon hit the market in 2024?

Be it constructing your Honda Prologue, the GM-based electric SUV, set to arrive in 2024, or opting for an uncostly trial, the decision is yours to make.

In an effort to assuage its lag in electrification, Honda has forged an alliance with GM, from which a maiden model is slated to debut in the year of our Lord 2024, predicated upon the Ultium platform of the Cadillac Lyriq.

The raison d’être for Honda’s haste in this matter? The North American market, to be sure. Whilst its associates in China, most notably GAC, have already pledged their support, albeit with expectations for even better performance, the brand’s market share in Europe has so precipitously plummeted that our continent has been relegated to a secondary priority.

Hence, in order to attend to the exigencies of the present moment, Honda has turned to its extant partner in the realm of fuel cells, namely, GM.

Avail yourself of the latest update on the price of the 2024 Honda e: Ny1 model in the United Kingdom. Consult the most current and comprehensive specifications, features, and pricing data for the Honda e: Ny1 2024, and compare them against up to three other products.

This wondrous machine boasts a prodigious 201 horsepower, rendering it a true powerhouse on the open road. As for its acceleration, one can expect to be thrust from 0-100 Kmph in a scant 6.5 seconds, a feat that is nothing short of breathtaking.

In terms of transmission, the Honda e: Ny1 2024 is fitted with a single-speed system, which affords it seamless and uninterrupted power delivery. Additionally, its all-wheel drive configuration ensures that every last ounce of torque is translated into forward momentum, no matter the driving conditions.

When it comes to steering, the Honda e: Ny1 2024 employs an electric setup, which imbues it with unparalleled precision and responsiveness. As for its suspension, the front and rear arrangements are yet to be disclosed, but one can rest assured that they will be nothing less than state-of-the-art.

The dimensions of this magnificent machine measure up to 170.9 inches in length, 70.5 inches in width, and 62.3 inches in height. The wheelbase of this vehicle, though currently not specified, is certainly a technical marvel.

2024 Honda e:Ny1 8

As for the curb weight of this automotive wonder, it remains shrouded in mystery, for the time being. The tires of the Honda e: Ny1 2024 are of an unconfirmed size and are paired with wheels of a matching, undisclosed measurement.

The braking system, however, is of indisputable merit, featuring discs both in the front and rear. The fuel type of this automotive masterpiece is of the electric variety, with its mileage on both city roads and highways currently unspecified.

The Honda e, a vehicle of unparalleled sophistication and technological finesse, boasts a prodigious array of features and capacities that are sure to impress even the most discerning of motorists. Set to be released in the year of our Lord 2024, this automotive marvel possesses a seating capacity of five individuals and is furnished with four doors for maximum accessibility and convenience.

Air conditioner and heater functionalities are present within the vehicle, ensuring optimal comfort regardless of the external climate. Moreover, the Honda e is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, central locking mechanism, power steering, and power windows, all of which contribute to an effortless and seamless driving experience.

The front and back fog lights of the Honda e guarantee visibility in low-light conditions and ensure optimal safety. The vehicle is further furnished with a comprehensive suite of safety features such as an anti-lock braking system, power door locks, child safety locks, rear seat belts, seat belt warning, door ajar warning, adjustable seats, keyless entry, vehicle stability control system, crash sensor, centrally mounted fuel tank, rear camera, and anti-theft device.

The Honda e model of the year 2024 boasts a plethora of features to cater to the entertainment needs of the users. Its sophisticated touchscreen ensures seamless access to entertainment options. The audio system remote control facilitates hands-free control, while the front and back speakers provide an immersive audio experience. Its Bluetooth connectivity and USB & auxiliary input allow for versatile audio connectivity.

Furthermore, the Honda e model offers enhanced comfort and convenience. Its adjustable steering column and height-adjustable driving seat ensure optimal driving position for the user. The digital clock adds to the modernity of the model. The smoke headlamps impart a suave and elegant touch to the vehicle.

The automatic climate control feature ensures that the user’s ride is unaffected by any changes in temperature, and the low fuel warning light facilitates timely refueling. The rear reading lamp allows for convenient reading, and the parking sensors enable hassle-free parking. Additionally, the bottle holder is a convenient addition for long journeys.

Full Specification and Features

Model Number Ny1 2024
Made In Japan
Body Type SUV
Engine Type Electric
Engine Power 201 hp
Acceleration Time (0-100 Kmph) 0-60 mph around 6.5 seconds
Transmission Type single-Speed
Drive Type All-Wheel Drive
Steering Type Electric
Front Suspension TBC
Back Suspension TBC
Dimensions And Weight
Length 170.9 inches
Width 70.5 inches
Height 62.3 inches
Wheel Base TBC
Kerb Weight TBC
Tyre Size TBC
Wheel Size TBC
Brake System
Front Brake Discs
Rear Brake Discs
Mileage In City TBC
Mileage On Highway TBC
Fuel Type Electric
Seating Capacity 5 seater
No. Of Doors 4 doors
Air Conditioner Yes
Heater Yes
Anti-Lock Braking System Yes
Central Locking Yes
Power Steering Yes
Power Windows Yes
Fog Lights Front & Back Yes
Anti-Lock Braking Yes
Central Locking Yes
Power Door Locks Yes
Child Safety Locks Yes
Rear Seat Belts Yes
Seat Belt Warning Yes
Door Ajar Warning Yes
Adjustable Seats Yes
Keyless Entry Yes
Vehicle Stability Control System Yes
Crash Sensor Yes
Centrally Mounted Fuel Tank Yes
Rear Camera Yes
Anti-Theft Device Yes
Touch Screen Yes
Audio System Remote Control Yes
Speakers Front & Back Yes
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
USB & Auxiliary Input Yes
Others Comfort & Convenience
Adjustable Steering Column Yes
Height Adjustable Driving Seat Yes
Digital Clock Yes
Smoke Headlamps Yes
Automatic Climate Control Yes
Low Fuel Warning Light Yes
Rear Reading Lamp Yes
Parking Sensors Yes
Bottle Holder Yes