Honda HR-V – Perfect for the city, but for the family?  – Test

Honda HR-V – Perfect for the city, but for the family? – Test

Toyota boasts that it has 25 years of experience in the production of hybrids, but not much less, more than 20 years, Honda is proud of. Its latest crossover – the third generation HR-V – is only available with the advanced e system: HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle). From the test, you will learn how an ecological car works and what the driver benefits from using it.

So we will start with the theory, because the Honda HR-V drivetrain is built differently from the system that has the so-called so-called. full hybrids (HEV). It includes a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 107 HP, it works in the Atkinson cycle, and as two electric motors, of which only one is traction (131 HP). This construction means that we only move on electricity at city speed (EV mode). In the case of high speed and high energy requirements of the electrician (for example, during overclocking), the gasoline engine is included in the action. In such cases, however, it does not transmit torque to the wheels, but to the generator (secondary electric unit), which in turn charges the battery (hybrid mode). When we accelerate, from about 100 km / h, the car switches to the next combustion engine mode, which means that the torque from gasoline goes directly to the front wheels, and the electric motors rest. The final mode of operation of the hybrid vehicle is the direct recovery of energy during braking, i.e. recovery. Most importantly, the driver can change its level by selecting the B mode on the lever and pressing the familiar. “gear” paddles on the steering wheel. To be clear: the HR-V does not have a gearbox. It is not necessary, because the gasoline engine drives the car to the wheels only at high speed through a constant mechanical ratio, which means that the direct drive from the gasoline engine is used in the best type of its rotational speed .

Honda HR-V – loud and fuel efficient on the highway

It’s nice when the driver knows how his car is moving, but performance and driving economy are still more important. In the first case, we have very good news. While Honda delivers on the folder 0-100 km / h in 10.7 seconds, in our tests we got only 9.4 seconds. Acceleration times and extra urban speed (60-100 and 80-120 km / h – 5.2 and 7.4 seconds respectively. ), but it must be clearly stated: HR-V is not designed for driving at highway speeds. In the cabin without a good sound, it gets noisy at 140 km / h, and the fuel consumption increases rapidly. However, the average of the entire test (6.8 l / 100 km) was not as good as the manufacturer’s brochure (according to the WLTP standard, 5.4 l / 100 km).

Honda HR-V – quiet driving

Once again, it has been proven that hybrids work better in the city, because the EV engine share can reach up to 80 percent there. while driving. In addition to fuel consumption, this is also confirmed by the modification of the chassis, which is much smoother compared to its predecessor. This translates, unfortunately, into a large body roll during sharp changes of direction. The HR-V’s power steering is therefore not ideal, although driving is always done safely. We have no objection to the precision of the steering, which has qualities that match a relaxing ride. When traveling quietly, the HR-V is appreciated for its excellent suspension comfort and the quiet operation of the electric vehicle.

Photo: Auto Świat

Honda HR-V – specifications

Honda HR-V – lots of legroom

The new HR-V has received the modern Global Small platform, which ensures greater rigidity of the body, and also contributes to the lower weight of the car (only 1,388 kg) and to better width (increased legroom for passengers of the second row and 35 mm). Four adults can travel comfortably in the HR-V. Those in the back seat have plenty of knee room (index 800 mm), although more space above their heads (910 mm) may be needed.

Honda HR-V – two racks

When the HR-V uses the Magic Seats system, well known from other models, the battery of the hybrid system went to the trunk and … reduced its capacity (only 320 l). The trunk would be 15 l larger if the subwoofer was not used in the tested version. As a comfort, there is a flap that opens electrically without using hands, or standard roof rails, with which you can transport luggage weighing up to 50 kg.

Honda HR-V – 5 year warranty

The standard equipment list looks impressive in the HR-V test drive. Thermal comfort is ensured by double-zone climate control, the driver is served by heated seats and steering wheel, and the already mentioned high-quality sound system with an output power of 452 W caresses the ear. Anyone using an older smartphone or Android Auto phone can use the 4 USB sockets on the HR-V.

The list of support systems is also impressive. In the tested version there is, among others, a lane keeping system, a blind spot sensor, an approaching vehicle warning when reversing. The price of the HR-V turns out to be high, but along with extensive equipment, a 5-year mechanical warranty will also be a comfort.

Honda HR-V – review

Body: there is a lot of room for the knees in the back, but the cabin is narrow and long, there may not be enough space above the head. Finally, a practical Magic Chairs system. Grade: 5

Run: good performance, smooth operation, as well as controlling the recovery rate. Rating: 5+

Handling: Variable-ratio electric power assistance provides superb precision, but the soft chassis keeps the body lean in curves. Rating: 4+

Multimedia: modern, with a good sound system. Friendly service. Rating: 5+

Combustion: serial hybrid and two electric mechanics do everything to save fuel, but the average result of 6.8 l / 100 km does not disappoint. Grade: 4

Comfort: Great shock absorption, comfortable seats, very loud on the highway. Grade: 5

Cost: high price, but complete equipment and a 5-year mechanical warranty. Rating: 3+

Final grade: 5

Honda HR-V – in our opinion

Honda’s more than 20 years of experience in building hybrids has paid off. Eco-parks work very efficiently and can be economical, as long as you don’t use the highway often. The HR-V is fun to drive and the ride comfort is better than its predecessor. Inside, there is an impressive space with the Magic Chairs system. The price, unfortunately, is high.

Honda HR-V – specifications “Auto Świat”

Acceleration 0-50 km / h 3.3 seconds
0-100 km / h 9.4 seconds
0-130 km / h 16.5 seconds
When accelerating 60-100 km / h 5.2 seconds (or.)
80-120 km / h 7.4 seconds (or.)
Weight / actual load 1,388/482 kg
Weight distribution (front/rear) 61/39 percent
Wednesday turn (left / right) 11.4 / 11.6 m
Hmmm. from 100 km / h cold 36.9 m
fire 35.8 m
Cabin noise at 50 km / h 58 dB(A)
at 100 km / h 67 dB(A)
at 130 km / h 71 dB(A)
Combustion test (Oct. 95) 6.8 l / 100 km
Reception 590 kilometers

Honda HR-V – manufacturer data

Engine: type / cylinder / valves gasoline / R4 / 16 + electricity.
Installing the engine transverse to the front
Strong direct injection
Transfer 1498cc
Power of gasoline / electric engines (system.) 107/131 (131) KM
Torque benz./electric (system.) 131/253 (n / a) Nm
Gearbox / car e-CVT / front wheels
0-100 km/h; max speed 10.7 seconds; 170 km / h
Average fuel consumption according to WLTP 5.1 l / 100 km
Co2 production 121 g/km
Capacity trunk / fuel tank 320-1290 / 40 l
Test the tire brand and model. cars Michelin 4 greatness
Tire size 225/50 R 18 V

Honda HR-V – Accessories

Version Early Style
Blind spot sensing / 6 airbags S/S
2-zone air conditioner / belt hold S/S
Multim. and ecr. 9-inch camera / rear view S/S
4 USB / Android Auto, Apple CarPlay S/S
Wireless charger / electric open trunk S/S
Metallic color / 18-inch alloy wheels. 3000 PLN / S
Warning. about cross traffic at ret. S.
Adaptac. cruise control / rails / LEDs S/S/S

Honda HR-V – warranty / price

Base price trial version PLN 159,500
Mech warranty and on battery / puncture 5 years or 100,000 km / 12 years
Inspection every 20 thousand km or every year
Tested car price PLN 162,500