Honda sold 30 thousand cars in Poland.  one song.  By 2022, 22 new models are being developed

Honda sold 30 thousand cars in Poland. one song. By 2022, 22 new models are being developed

Last year, 3655 motorcycles and scooters from the Japanese company found buyers, which is the best result on the Polish two-wheeled market. From early 2022 to early April, Honda sold more than 1,300 motorcycles and scooters. However, in the entire history of the Honda brand in Poland, more than 30,000 copies have already been sold.

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The Honda CB650R jubilee model was picked up by a customer of the Honda Pomirski showroom in Gdańsk. On this occasion, he also received a coupon for equipment worth 2.5 thousand. zlotys. What determines success Honda?

We can only guess, but above all we consider three factors: the credibility of the Honda-wheelers story, the attractive and unique version of the model and the excellent operation of the dealers of this brand.

To continue the good streak, Honda has prepared about 22 new models of motorcycles, scooters and two-wheelers that combine the features of both these categories. Among them were carsthat you can not find in competitors.

HONDA NT1100 photo by Honda

Honda What’s New For 20222 Traveller, the adventure motorcycle with the popular Dax

Some are models available in 2021 but have undergone technical modifications, but some are new models. From Honda’s debuts in 2022, we selected three of the most interesting. The first is Honda NT1100 touring motorcycle with an engine capacity of 1084 cm and less than 102 KM.

The full-size road bike can be purchased with either a standard sequential gearbox or a DCT automatic transmission that is exclusive to Honda. The basic version of the Honda NT1100 costs PLN 65,600, and the DCT variant requires PLN 4.5 thousand. PLN surcharge.

Another novel is the Honda ADV350a unique design of the adventure style motorcycle (ADV). The ADV350 model has no rivals on the market, except for Honda’s largest model – the X-ADV.

The Honda ADV350 is an implementation of the same concept. It combines the comfort of riding a scooter (automatic gearbox, crossing “civilian”) and the capabilities of an adventure motorcycle.

Suzuki GSX-1000GTThe Suzuki GSX-1000GT is a gran turismo on two wheels. There was a good excuse for the premiere of a new motorcycle

The Honda travel scooter weighs 186 kg and has an engine capacity of 330 cm and a power of 29.2 HP, a storage room under the seat with a capacity of 48 liters (fits two important helmets) and costs PLN 29,200. Put the optional trunk on, fire up and go for a ride. It is not necessary on asphalt roads, because the large suspension travel (125 mm in front and 130 mm in the rear) and tires and stepping on the cube to allow it to be reduced.

Honda ADV350Honda ADV350 photo by Honda

The possible distance is 340 km. Honda ADV350 is a great recommendation for those who dreamed of Honda X-ADV, but it was too expensive for them. The ADV350 has a continuously variable CVT transmission instead of a dual-clutch gearbox, but its character is unique.

Dax, Monkey, Grom, Cub. No one has such an offer for retro babies like Honda

In the summer, Honda will release two wheels, which is the best proof that the Japanese brand is going its own way. It’s about Honda ST125 DAX affectionately called “dachshund”. It is a small retro motorcycle that returns to the market in a new version after 41 years.

Yamaha YZF R125Inspection of 125 motorcycles for PLN 10-15 thousand. You will plant them with type B in your pocket

Honda ST125 Dax has parameters that allow owners to drive driving licenses category B with lots of personality. The new motorcycle will cost PLN 18,800 and will join other exclusive models, such as the Honda Monkey (with a new Euro 5 engine), the Grom, or the Super Cub scooter (the most sold car in the world).

If you don’t believe that this brand’s offering is unique, take a look at these examples. These motorcycles are very important because their unique style attracts people from outside the traditional motorcycle scene. As a result, the number of two-wheeler users may increase.

In addition to a whole host of innovations, Honda’s motorcycle lineup for 2022 includes refreshed legends such as the ultra-fast Honda Fireblade, the desert-ready Africa Twin, and the touring Golden Wing. The highlight of this year’s novelties is the presentation of the successor to the famous Honda Hornet, one of the most famous naked bikes in history with an aggressive street fighter design.

We have to wait until at least mid-2022, but it’s worth it. There is a lot of competition ahead for Ducati’s new Monster. Regardless of budget and expectations, two-wheeled amateurs have a lot to choose from. Therefore, Honda can count on another year of good sales in Poland, at least when it comes to motorcycles and scooters.

Honda Grom, Dax and MonkeyHonda Grom, Dax and Monkey photo by Honda