Horry County police searching for missing mom, daughter

Horry County police searching for missing mom, daughter

Horry County law enforcement are actively seeking the whereabouts of a mother and daughter who were reported missing earlier this week.

The Horry County Police Department has launched a comprehensive search for the pair, who were last seen in the area of Conway on Tuesday evening.

The mother, Melissa Johnson, 43, and daughter, Kaitlyn Johnson, 14, were last seen departing from Johnson’s home in a silver Toyota Corolla, according to a press release issued by the Horry County Police Department.

The vehicle, bearing the South Carolina license plate number EZF-539, was last spotted in the vicinity of Highway 90 and Highway 501 in Conway.

Efforts to identify the whereabouts of the mother and daughter have thus far been unsuccessful, with police having received no leads as to the pair’s whereabouts or potential whereabouts.

The department has urged anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward, noting that the circumstances of the disappearance are “highly concerning.”

“We are actively searching for Melissa and Kaitlyn Johnson and are strongly urging anyone with information to contact our department,” the department’s press release read.

The Horry County Police Department has asked for the public to remain vigilant in their search for the missing pair, and has requested that anyone with potential information contact the department at their listed phone number.