Hot tax for an electric SUV, but is it a good deal?

Hot tax for an electric SUV, but is it a good deal?

Nissan Ariya is the second “volume” electric car from the Japanese manufacturer after the Leaf. Sent for a few months with high rent, Nissan is now offering its Ariya from 359 euros per month, which seems like a good deal for an SUV of this type. But is it really one? Decoding.

Nissan Ariya is a model that we are starting to get to know better Frandroid, since we have already tested with its two different batteries: 63 and 87 kWh. In general, it is clear that it is of one of the most successful general-purpose electric SUVs in its segmentespecially since it sometimes borders on payment, thanks mainly to a pleasant presentation.

And to top it off, Nissan is taking advantage of the catalog that has just been expanded in France to offer a very attractive phone price for its SUV: from 359 euros per month. These are rental taxes that we generally find on well-chosen electric city cars, or even on smaller ones, but there are no cases on C-segment electric SUVs.

Are there wolves? Of course not with this type of offer, but we will see, reaching this monthly payment, we will have to make a deal.

Nissan Ariya was offered for 359 euros per month

As with almost all financing offers “from”, this is a basic example. For Nissan, it’s the ‘Share’ trim level that takes on this role, and as you can see from the main equipment list below, it’s quite extensive for an entry-level model.

  • Reversing camera;
  • 19-inch alloy wheels;
  • front and rear LED lights;
  • Nissan Connect Services;
  • Inductive smartphone charger;
  • 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster;
  • Heat pump.

Nissan Ariya offers three other trims above, “Advance”, “Evolve” and “Evolve +”. These offers are not affected by the offer of 359 euros per month. It includes some interesting features, such as heated seats, the ProPilot semi-autonomous steering system or a sunroof.

Aesthetically, for the basic model, the Ariya in the “Share” finish is attractive, with its large 19-inch rims. On the other hand, regarding the color, it will have a little more approval with “Grey Clay”, a free shade for this model. If you choose other colors, such as the launch two-tone Akatsuki Copper/Roof and black metallic mirrors, you will not have the offer and the monthly payment will increase.

At this price, it is Nissan Ariya with its battery capacity 63 kWh and his freedom 404km according to the WLTP cycle. The engine of the respective version is la 218 hpwith a single block located on the rear axle.

Ariya is also available with a large 87 kWh battery, providing, depending on the version, up to 536 kilometers of autonomy. With this battery, the Japanese SUV is also available in rear-wheel drive, but with an engine that goes up to 242 hp. There are also four-wheel drive variants with two electric motors, with a power of 306 hp, and up to 394 hp for the “Evolve +” version.

As for the payment, the Ariya that interests us has 130 kW fast charger, with a trickle charge of 7.4 kW. As an option, it is also possible to choose for 22 kW, but again, you will leave the version.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Nissan Ariya LLD offer?

This is a long term rental offer 37 months and 10,000 kilometers per year, ie 30,000 kilometers in total. Nissan indicates that the offer of 359 euros per month is based on a contribution of 13,500 euros, from which the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros can be deducted as long as the car does not exceed the eligibility threshold of 47,000 euros. So the contribution drops to 8,500 euros.

Contribution is important that’s why the car is shown with an advantageous monthly paymentbut Ariya still benefits from the ecological bonus, which allows to reduce the contribution significantly, even if it remains high for this type of financing.

How much will Nissan Ariya LLD cost you?

Over three years of long-term rental, your Ariya will cost you €21,424. Nissan lists its car from 45,800 euros on its website, excluding any commercial discounts. But this practice is very common among traders, especially in this period when the demand is high, and it produces more shortages due to the shortage of components and equipment problems faced by the producers. Once the bonus is deducted, the price drops to 40,800 euros.

From this price, you will pay for three years of lease, 52.5% of the price of your car. This is more than a discount of more than three years for this type of car (in general, this is around 30 to 35%), especially in electricity where the demand continues to increase, thus indicating a certain price stability. As the offer is not a LOA, there is no option to buy back the car. Therefore it will be necessary to return the vehicle at the end of the LLD.

Be aware of repair costs, these can be high on return. We advise you to do it first at a body builder, it will cost you less than at your general dealer. If you take the car back to your dealer after your LLD, they will be a bit wary of repair costs.

Things to remember

With such low monthly payments for this type of vehicle, Nissan probably wanted to make an impression with a very strong offer, even if it means upsetting the pricing structure a bit. Except that, of course, there are a few tricks, starting with this non-distributable contribution for a three-year lease. And luckily the ecological bonus is coming to soften the first tax, otherwise the offer will be completely above ground.

Apart from the first tax, there is a second step that made us win, this is the car’s residual value. Over three years, you will pay 52.5% of the price of the car that is not yours at the end. It is very high for a car of this type which, moreover, has to hold itself well and therefore will be easily sold later.

From a financial point of view, conventional loans in banks are not necessarily the best short-term solutions, since the monthly payment is almost three times more compared to the LLD offered by Nissan.

The difference is explained by the fact that for a conventional loan, you finance the whole car and, at the end of 37 months, this is yours. You can keep it, or resell it. And you have no mileage limit. When it comes to LLD, you only pay part of the car and at the end of four years you have to return the car and pay a fee if you exceed the mileage limit.

LLD is attractive if you don’t have too much visibility on the used price of your car and you already know that you will resell it. With this type of financing, you know in advance the total cost of ownership of your vehicle. In this case, for the Nissan Ariya, even if the product offered is very attractive, The total cost is too high in our opinion.

On the other hand, with cash or credit, you cannot know this price, as it will depend on the selling price. However, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing, The price should not decrease as quickly as the heat exampleespecially for restrictions on the circulation of certain old diesels and gasoline in certain agglomerations.

In our opinion, if you want Ariya, prefer LLD offer which is less active, with a lower contribution and higher taxes, or go through a standard bank financing. And if you want to sell the car again after three or four years, you will definitely lose less compared to what you paid LLD for three years.

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