“Hotel Paradise All Stars”.  Luke and Nana’s conflict.  What happened to Pandora?

“Hotel Paradise All Stars”. Luke and Nana’s conflict. What happened to Pandora?

Łukasz Hryniewicki and Natalia “Nana” Majos broke up a few months ago. They hadn’t been in touch since the breakup, so they didn’t know they’d meet again on a dating reality show. Their conflicts are growing. After exciting Pandora, the boy gave a negative impression. He said bitter words about his ex-boyfriend.

“Hotel Paradiso All Stars” – the first couple in the program

In the 2nd episode of “Hotel Paradise All Stars”, the contestants reunited. However, there were no surprises. Basia chose Łukasz, and Julia stood behind Maurycy. Blondino Latino won the hearts of three contestants – Sara, Wiktoria and Nana. None of the women wanted to create a duet with Grzesiek. Klaudia El Dursi announced a successful change in the program.

– Dear friends, as you know, “Hotel Paradise” is full of difficult decisions. Tonight, Blondino Latino, I’ll spare you that. All three girls are yours. Are you taking it on board? the host asked.

– Cold! I’ll take it, Blondino answered cheerfully.

So, in the paradise hotel we currently have two couples, one of the four people in love and one disappointed.

“Hotel Paradise All Stars” – Pandora exciting

A few hours later, the hotel’s residents joined Pandora. It is an inseparable aspect of the love game. Ladies and gentlemen, they received a box with difficult and unpleasant questions.

Nana had to answer if she thought she could have chosen a better partner than Łukasz in the 4th edition of the show. He didn’t hesitate to answer. – I think so. I certainly could have chosen better. We broke up for some reason so I think I deserve better.

– What? are you such a witch now? Interesting, commented Luke. “You are not an honest man, girl,” he added.

In turn, the boy was asked if he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. The answer did not surprise anyone. I don’t feel anything for him. Nothing at all, he said.

After Pandora, Lukasz was very worried. He had to express his feelings and started saying unpleasant things about Nana.

“It’s just that when I look at him, I have hatred, disgust, everything. I have so much disgust for this man that I don’t want him anywhere near me. And he entered here. I hope he doesn’t get under my feet, between my legs, anywhere. So that he doesn’t disturb my peace, let’s just say,” he said mockingly.

However, the “Hotel Paradise All Stars” participant does not have to be afraid, because his ex has absolutely no intention of contacting him. Unfortunately, as long as they live under the same roof on a Caribbean island, it will be difficult for them to avoid meetings. Will they be able to reach an agreement during the program? We’ll find out soon enough.

“Paradise Hotel All Stars” – where and when to watch?

The program “Hotel Paradise All Stars” can be viewed on Thursdays and Fridays at 20:00 on TVN7. Longer episodes and additional videos are also available on the platform Player.pl.

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