How Fiat launched an attack and ‘grabbed’ attention after losing BBB 23

How Fiat launched an attack and ‘grabbed’ attention after losing BBB 23

Since the establishment of the BBB, Fiat has been the official sponsor of the program. However, this year, Chevrolet has taken its place in the spotlight. During the attempt to define the leader of the program, which took place last Thursday (26), this was presented by the image of Montana, the launch of the year for the brand. While all this was going on, Fiat was in the process of making a big “marketing move”.

One Twitter user, Lucas Soncini (@Soncini_), wrote about the situation: “It is strange that it is not a test of the value of the Fiat Toro”. The Italian automaker soon responded to the tweet announcing that it had won the car.

“Hello @soncini_, a sales leader like me can’t leave you and that’s why we’re giving you a Fiat Toro zero gift, there’s no test today, but there will be a car, what’s the best way to kill this desire?”said the company.

What were the criteria?

  • UOL Carros spoke to the communication and marketing team of Fiat Brasil, who confirmed the truth of the case.
  • They revealed that the idea had already been decided for some time before the experiment, as they saw that Internet users always behaved badly. Soon, they waited for the one who gave the best opinion on the lack of Fiat (and Toro, more specifically).
  • Yet according to them, the main criterion for choosing Fiat was to choose the simplest, most realistic opinion that did not mention a competitor. That is, I would not be the first to comment, necessarily.
  • The winner, Lucas Soncini, confirmed through new tweets that they contacted him, and he will soon receive zero.
  • What has not yet been confirmed, even for Fiat, is whether there will be a car delivery ceremony for the winner.
  • They commented that the dealer in Rio de Janeiro will pick up the winner’s prize from Rio de Janeiro, and that the car version is Freedom 1.3 Turboflex AT6 medium (R$ 158,590).

Chevrolet calls Fiat “ex” and does not leave cheap

Chevrolet, in turn, when he saw the impact of the posts (which had more than 3 million hits), soon angered his opponent, saying that with them, everyone has a chance to win the award.

“Ex is like that, always angry. #Promo for everyone to compete for a #Chevrolet 0km, weekly Iphone and daily shopping vouchers, exclusively with #TeamChevrolet. Get here and participate:”, wrote GM in response to Fiat’s campaign.

Other brands also joined the wave, such as Posto Ipiranga, which promised to give 1,000 reais of fuel to the winner of a new Toro. Others took advantage of the moment to have fun with consumers, such as Guaraná who tweeted “I’m glad they remembered my flavors, I should have just sent guaranás”.

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