How long are you waiting for a new car today?  Dacia is almost immediately available |

How long are you waiting for a new car today? Dacia is almost immediately available |

The average waiting time for the production of a new car is currently 6 months. This only applies to cars ordered according to the individual configuration, because there is a large offer of cars available on the market immediately, for which you do not have to wait.

“6 months is an average value for the entire market, which includes various brands, models, types and types of cars. In the case of the most popular cars, the average time needed to make a car according to an individual configuration is much shorter and is about 3 months -4,” says Michał Knitter, vice president of Carsmile. He emphasizes that fewer and fewer customers decide on an individual configuration, preferring to take advantage of the offer of cars available immediately.

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According to Knitter, the above data means that the market has returned to the levels used before the epidemic, while the waiting time for a new car ordered according to individual configuration was about 5 months. – From time to time, there are situations where some features are missing , currently, for example, reversing cameras – informs Michał Knitter. Let’s remember that in March, when Carsmile published a previous report on the availability of new passenger cars in Poland, the average waiting time for the production of a car was 8 months, and in December 2022 it was an average of 10 months. what was missing was the longest at the time and included, among others: blind spot sensors, large displays or LED matrix lights.

“The current market situation is good for those who are looking for a new car. There is a very large selection of cars, the purchase price can be negotiated. The WIBOR rate has also decreased slightly, which leads to a slight decrease in the installments of a new car lease, loan or lease, ” admits Carsmile’s vice president.

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Among the brands we are interested in, Dacia’s waiting time is the shortest; waiting time is currently 3 months for Sandero, Jogger and Duster models. We will also wait 3 months for Renault Captur. 4 months is the waiting time for vehicles such as Citroën Jumper, Berlingo Van, Opel Vivaro or Opel Combo Van from the Stellantis group. We will also wait 4 months for the individually configured Renault Arkana, Austral and Master. In comparison, the longest waiting time is for Toyota, Volkswagen, Mazda or BMW cars – here the waiting time can reach up to a year.

source: Carsmile

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