How many Canadians plan on travelling this year? New survey breaks down the numbers

How many Canadians plan on travelling this year? New survey breaks down the numbers

As thousands of Canadians plan for their upcoming summer vacations, a recent survey has shed light on the number of travellers who will be crossing the country’s borders in the coming months.

The poll, conducted by the Canadian Tourism Commission, revealed that a mammoth amount of Canadians are expected to traverse the country throughout the year, with 4.6 million people making their way to a different province by plane, car or train.

The survey also indicated that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they would be travelling within the country this year, with a majority of trips taking place in the summer.

The most popular destination for Canadian travellers was the neighbouring provinces of Ontario and Quebec, with the former receiving almost three-quarters of the trips and the latter garnering just over one-fifth.

The survey also showed that British Columbia, Alberta and the Atlantic Provinces were the next most popular destinations for Canadian travellers.

The poll also revealed a shift in the way Canadians plan their trips, with the majority of travellers now using the internet to book their vacations instead of using a travel agent.

The survey showed that the most popular activities among Canadians while travelling were sightseeing, visiting friends and family and shopping.

As Canadians prepare to explore their homeland, the survey’s findings demonstrate that the nation is set to experience a surge of travellers throughout the coming year.

In a nation that loves to travel, the survey’s findings have provided insight into just how many of its citizens will be taking to the skies, roads and rails this year.

As the summer months approach, it appears that the number of Canadians planning holidays within their own borders is set to reach record heights.