how many technical innovations in Monaco

how many technical innovations in Monaco

Especially Mercedes, but not only. The teams arrive at the Monaco GP with a collection of technical innovations. It is often a special step for the Monte Carlo, between the rear wings for a higher load and increased cooling of the rear brakes. There is, however, a deeper intervention.

It is the Mercedes W14 that stands out with the new front suspensionNew package with modified sides in volume. Then there is Alfa Romeo, which is making big changes and it involves a bonnet, a modified lower section in a Venturi channel gate design and an outer profile. Again, at the rear, the single-seater driven by Bottas and Zhou changes the look of the suspension arms and introduces a specific wing with high loads, in the corner and on the two-sided flares.

Ferrari, in Spain another important part of development

Ferrari news is peripheral, waiting for the Spanish doctor and more appropriate measures, especially for the rear suspension. Among the developments on the SF-23 are the different displays of the rear suspension arms as well as brake cooling outlets. The distinctive Monte Carlo wing has a fuller curve and shine.

The same intervention on the rear wing of the Red Bull, which adds an intervention to the front suspension triangle to control the “extreme” corners that need to turn in the old Loews hairpin.

Aston Martin brings an ad hoc rear wing to Monaco, replaces the rear brakes and retouches the upper triangle. The front suspension adopts a modified right-hand profile.

Mercedes, the new bag to find the biggest load

The return of Mercedes, with the trend of guts, with high intakes and trapezoidal openings – which continue with a multi-faceted mass and with a taste of ramps and “bathing” in the extraction of air from the radiators – has a new history.

He said as the suspension of the Red Bull school, and the upper triangle is placed higher in the higher elementit is an improved measure also in terms of flow management towards the Venturi channels and not only anti-dive control, technicians intervened precisely in the angle of the channel.

The difference in the direction of the vertical profile at the entrance of the channel is designed to increase the internal and generated aerodynamic load at the back, by interacting with the diffuser. At the rear, a wing with a fuller patch makes its debut.

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