How much do ITD buses weigh – an unanswered question

How much do ITD buses weigh – an unanswered question

Can you check how much ITD buses weigh? I sent this question to the General Inspector of Road Transport. It was left unanswered.

On I regularly write about reviews of overloaded vehicles with GVW up to 3.5 tons. On the one hand, those vehicles with heavy loads are a threat to other road users, but they are also a sign of unfair competition against companies that try to carry out transport in accordance with the law and respect the total permissible weight set in the registration document. of such a bus.

However, every now and then in the comments, eg on Facebook, there are comments questioning whether ITD police cars are suitable for a 3.5 tonne GVM.

I have tried several times to find out if it is possible to test a green and white car, but inspectors who conduct inspections on Polish roads swore that they were “normal”, but the management of one message or another did not notice. reason for testing such a car.

Of course, I have no reason to deny whether ITD police cars are inside the DMC or not. I just wanted to check how it really is.

Finally on May 12, 2023, I sent an official inquiry to the General Inspector of Road Transport and then confirmed by phone that the email with the proposal to test the ITD police car reached the Office of Information and Promotion in the Department of Communications. of GITD and was sent for consideration. I waited patiently until today. That’s 116 days, which is 3 months and 24 days. And what? And there is nothing.

So, after these 116 days, I allowed myself to publish information about my attempt to test the ITD business bus and the lack of any feedback from GITD. The following is the full content of the email sent to GITD with the proposal:

“I bow down
Due to the frequent and frequent requests of the readers of (about 700,000 users per month), I would like to propose a joint measure to measure the weight of the ITD commercial vehicle bus.

As part of the material created, I would like us to measure the weight of such a car/cars with me (eg new MAN TGE with AMZ-Kutno body and old model like Fiat Ducato or Renault Master or VW Craftsman).

Only the testing of the ITD company’s car will be the leading part of the material, because I would like to present in a manual way how such an inspection is carried out from A to Z. That is, what the inspector can ask. for, how long does the whole test take, etc.

As part of the joint action, I would like to take not only photographic images, but also short video materials showing in the form of a video guide how such an inspection should be done in an exemplary manner.

I think that an institution like GITD should also work in the areas of education, also among truck drivers up to 3.5 tons, and the action I propose will be appreciated by the readers of, who are mostly from. transport industry (drivers, carriers, transport managers, entrepreneurs carrying goods for their own needs).

I will be happy to clarify all the details when carrying out such a step, if you express your interest in supporting this project.

I also tried to find something informal and formal. Unfortunately, no one from GITD will feel like taking up the topic to remove doubts immediately for drivers, carriers and, in general, citizens who maintain inspections of GITD and voivodeship ITD.

Image source: WITD Kielce