How much do Robert Lewandowski’s cars cost?  We look at catalog prices and lease installments

How much do Robert Lewandowski’s cars cost? We look at catalog prices and lease installments

  • The automotive concern has been supporting football clubs for years. As part of the sponsorship agreement, footballers are obliged to use cars provided by the sponsor

  • Bayern Munich players are supported by Audi, lending them, among others, the electric e-tron GT. In Barcelona, ​​the automotive partner is Spain’s Cupra

  • Robert Lewandowski, like other players from the Catalan club, will be driving the Cupra Formentor

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Cupra Formentor in Barcelona instead of Audi e-tron GT (and GT RS version) in Bayern Munich – this is the change of cars in Robert Lewandowski’s garage. Choosing a club from Catalonia, the Polish footballer had to agree to change to a cheap and weak car. However, he still remained with the Volkswagen Group, which includes the Audi and Cupra brands.

What? What is the pleasure of driving the cars that Robert Lewandowski traveled? Undoubtedly this is a popular topic that has attracted not only website statistics specialists or marketing departments. Carsmile analysts added their contribution to the calculation of monthly payments in the case of renting or leasing a car. It is not difficult to think that it is not cheap.

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Audi generous at Bayern Munich

You should be prepared for higher costs in the case of used cars for soccer clubs from Germany. Of course, it is difficult to complain about the generosity of the sponsor in Bayern Munich, since, considering the list prices, the footballers were given Audi cars worth more than PLN 800,000. zlotys. “The e-tron GT RS car in a long-term lease would cost PLN 17 372 net per month (incl. VAT) in the case of a 3-year contract and make a personal contribution of PLN 15 thousand net” – explains Paweł Siwiecki, responsible for the purchase of the car at Carsmile.

Photo: Audi

Robert Lewandowski

Renting an Audi e-tron GT RS was a cheap option. The monthly payment is PLN 12,378 net (including VAT) for a five-year contract (your own payment also PLN 15,000 net and redemption at PLN 60,000 net). The resignation of the RS in favor of the “regular” Audi e-tron GT means a stock of more than 8,000. zlotys. After adding the costs of insurance, service and tires every month, you have to pay a total of PLN 9,768.

Cupra Formentor at FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona and CupraPhoto: Cupra

FC Barcelona and Cupra

Compared to Audi electrics, the running cost of the Cupra is more budget-friendly. Formentor VZ5, available under lease, costs PLN 5,869 without VAT (five-year contract, own contribution of PLN 15 thousand and redemption of PLN 17 thousand). However, it is difficult to assess what the cost will be when choosing a long-term lease. “Financing companies consider the use of this sports car to be completely unpredictable in the context of possible service or insurance costs. The user will have to agree to a hybrid product, i.e. a lease where he could cover the costs of servicing and insurance himself” – explains Siwiecki.

Robert Lewandowski cars - calculation of rental and leasing costsPhoto: carsmile

Robert Lewandowski cars – calculation of rental and leasing costs

Although the Cupra is weaker (390 HP compared to almost 600 HP in the e-tron GT RS, respectively) and cheaper than the more powerful Audi (PLN 338,000 and PLN 809 thousand, respectively), it also turns out to be lower. found. You have to wait up to 10 months for a Spanish brand car. As for the electric Audi, we still have a chance to be picked up later this year.