How much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Chiron for over 10 years?

How much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Chiron for over 10 years?

The Bugatti Chiron is one of the most powerful cars in the world and still one of the most trashed, even at the end of its career. This work of art is expensive not only to buy, but also to maintain.

To have a Bugatti Chiron in the garage you need to have a high budget and if you want to keep it for a decade, that will mean costs that can be compared to buying a Rolls-Royce.

Starting the story, Steve Hamilton of The Hamilton Collection decided to reveal how much he would spend to maintain his Bugatti Chiron for ten years.

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For starters, anyone who buys a US$3 million (R$ 15.25 million) car will face the purchased car as if it were a downsized fighter jet, due to the costs that will follow.

After purchase, Bugatti offers a four-year warranty and Ultimate Warranty Service, as seen in the video below after the Chiron’s service period.

Normally, the annual cost of basic Chiron maintenance starts at US $ 11,500 (R$ 58,400), but the out-of-warranty period, in the case of four years, costs US $ 34,000 or R $ 172,800 directly . conversion.

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When the warranty expires, Bugatti offers a four-year extended service for $204,000 (R$1.04 million) for the complete package, which includes an oil change and even replacement of broken wheels.

Without this additional coverage, if a rich person decides to keep the Chiron with basic maintenance for 10 years, he will spend the equivalent of US $ 91,500, according to Hamilton, an amount of about R$ 465.2 thousand.

All this is for the natural wear and tear and changes provided in the packages provided, however, outside of the extended coverage, some items like flashlights, for example, are very expensive.

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The Chiron’s taillight costs US$10,000 or R$50,800 in the US, but that’s nothing if the W16 engine opens its mouth, when then the “unlucky” owner will have to shell out exactly US$856,406.98.

That’s right, Bugatti even charges a penny … So, don’t miss to check when filling it.

At BRL 4,354,230.01 for the new engine, the Chiron may still require a dual-gearbox for an additional BRL 185,000 or BRL 940,595.50, to match the engine.

So, the best that Bugatti Chiron can give you is, if you are only human, you dream about it, after all, it costs nothing…

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