How much snow has Massachusetts seen so far this winter

How much snow has Massachusetts seen so far this winter

Thus far this winter, Massachusetts has seen substantial snowfall. This season has been characterized by higher-than-average precipitation, with many areas of the state experiencing difficult winter conditions.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has reported that most of the state has seen over 6 inches of snow accumulation since the start of December, with some locations receiving up to a foot or more. In the eastern part of the state, snowfall totals have been particularly impressive, with Boston registering 15.7 inches in December alone. This is significantly higher than the average of 9.7 inches for the month, while the city’s snowfall to date is 22.7 inches, nearly double its normal total at this point in the season.

Meanwhile, Worcester has experienced an even more extreme winter, with 20.7 inches of snow in December and 32.2 inches to date. This is well above the city’s normal December snowfall of 12.5 inches and its average seasonal snowfall of 20.3 inches.

In addition to the higher-than-normal snowfall, temperatures have been below average across the state. The NWS has recorded an average temperature of 27.8 degrees in Boston and 25.5 degrees in Worcester since the start of winter.

The combination of snow and cold has made for tough conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike. In particular, the extreme weather has led to a higher-than-usual number of traffic accidents and other incidents.

Given the challenging weather, it’s no surprise that Massachusetts has seen a significant amount of snowfall this winter. Though temperatures may rise in the weeks ahead, it’s likely that the state will continue to experience above-average snowfall for the remainder of the season.