how to avoid?

how to avoid?

Unfortunately, car theft can affect everyone. Find out how to reduce the risk.

If thieves have less and less to run car theftfor the benefit of catch the mouse, less dangerous and easier, this type of theft is still very common. Although it mostly affects high-end and luxury cars, no one is immune, and it’s entirely possible to have your car stolen while driving a very ordinary car. Bank on the element of surprise and sometimes, unfortunately, on violence to carry out the robbery, the robbers are generally well prepared and can use very bad tactics. Find out how to reduce the risk of car and vehicle theft.

A simple method

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent a robbery, especially if the robbers startle you or threaten you with a weapon. However, it is possible to reduce the risk, by taking a few precautions, especially if you are alone in the car or if you are driving at night. First of all, close the doors properly and above all, fasten your seat belt. This will make it harder for a thief to get into the car and take you out. If you feel like you are being followed, cross the road and do not stop. If this continues, go to the nearest police station.

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Be alert

Always put your phone away close, along with your wallet if you have one, so you can run with it if things go wrong. When stopped, always keep some distance from the car in front of you if you can, to maneuver if the thief tries to attack you. Finally, if you see a damaged car, be suspicious and stay out of the car. Don’t answer insults or provocation by another driver, can be a way to distract you while your partner attacks you. Be especially careful if you are driving a luxury car alone, as these are often targeted by thieves.

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