How to manage a restaurant more effectively?  SMART products for gastronomy

How to manage a restaurant more effectively? SMART products for gastronomy

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Restaurant management is always a big challenge. How customers perceive a restaurant is very important – long waiting times for the bill or problems with food delivery are just some of the situations that can negatively affect guests’ opinion of the restaurant. How to take care of every detail of the customer experience in buildings, thereby increasing sales and guest satisfaction?

Technology that simplifies restaurant management
During the pandemic, restaurant programs became popular. Order-to-go platforms have proven to be very useful. Authentic restaurants have also appeared in the market, offering only meals and delivery. This solution was a response to a difficult situation for the catering industry – it allowed to reduce costs and at the same time adapt to completely new conditions.

However, restaurant programs are not just about preparing food delivery. POS systems they have been supporting the catering industry for a long time, but their scope of practice has changed a lot over the years. It is necessary to use more and more modern solutions. The tools provided for gastronomy make management easier on many levels – from tracking products offered, through restaurant traffic monitoring, to sales analysis. These functions allow us to better meet the expectations of visitors and, above all, increase the profitability of the business.


How to start managing the best gastronomy?
The first step on the way to good restaurant management is understanding the needs and expectations of customers. To get to know them well, it is worth looking at the sales, the organization of the work of the employees and the ordering process. Regardless of what changes the restaurant needs, it is important to choose the steps that will allow to achieve the set goal. Modern tools will be of great help here – the right software can transform any restaurant. So it is worth knowing the functionality that will allow you to coordinate the kitchen and room service, as well as allow for better management of the premises.

Telephone operator – modern and fast service
What is important for guests visiting a gastronomic establishment is not only good food, but also efficient service. Program Telephone Operator has the ability to shorten this process by up to 30%, and thus – increase customer satisfaction. The attendant service system allows you to take orders using tablets. Thanks to this solution, employees do not have to run between the table and the POS – with the Mobile Waiter application, the order placed on the tablet immediately goes to the kitchen. With such a tool, restaurant workers:

  • serves more guests in less time,
  • avoid unnecessary mistakes when taking an order,
  • always serves food in the correct order,
  • settles guests quickly,
  • merges or splits bills flawlessly, adding discounts and tips to them.

KDS – effective communication between the hall and the kitchen
Kitchen Display System improves the flow of information between the waiter service and the cooks. As you know, effective employee communication is the foundation of well-functioning buildings. With the KDS system, the chefs immediately receive information about the new order, and the staff regularly get the status of the prepared food. Thanks to this solution, employees have more control over orders, which is very important during busy times. The KDS kitchen system allows you to increase the waiting time of customers and avoid unnecessary mistakes in the process of preparing and serving food. With such performance, even heavy traffic will not be able to disturb the smooth process of customer service.

GoManager – employee management system
The most important resource of any business is its employees. Therefore, it is worth knowing the solutions that will facilitate the effective management of employees. Go to Manager it will allow shift planning, error-free working time resolution and turnover control of each employee. The tool enables:

  • accurate and immediate resolution of personnel,
  • saving 73% of the time previously spent on accounting for different employees,
  • give permission for private spaces,
  • greater control of working time, allowing to reduce delays,
  • generate sales reports for each employee.
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GoStock – stock levels under control
Gastronomy is a very unpredictable industry. It is always difficult to know when the products you need are running out. However, you can control the inventory levels with the program GoStockthereby reducing potential losses. Gastronomy software allows you to manage the quantity of products on any device with internet access. The program enables:

  • error-free calculation of food costs,
  • removing mis-sold products,
  • report on purchases and shipments.

GoHub – control of external agents
Today, many restaurants use external food delivery platforms. Permanent supervision during delivery enables GoHub. Delivery management software provides integration of the POS system with external platforms, which allows to save a lot of time and money. All orders are in one place, which eliminates the risk of errors and reduces the time spent entering orders manually. In addition, the system allows you to update the menu on all platforms with just one click. Thanks to this solution, the restaurant serves its customers at a high level.

SMART tools worth trying
Good order service in a restaurant is very challenging. How to ensure high quality of service and stand out from the competition? POS system makes it easier for restaurants – it allows you to manage the restaurant efficiently, reduce food losses, and thus increase profits and customer satisfaction. Good management is finding ways to improve your work. That possibility is provided by modern solutions for business. Well-chosen applications will speed up the service process, at the same time increase its quality and increase the comfort of guests not only in the premises, but also of each employee.

Detailed information on modern solutions for gastronomy is available side GoPOS.

Image: GoPOS press materials