How to remove your phone number from Facebook and Instagram?  Can you remove your number from FB and IG?

How to remove your phone number from Facebook and Instagram? Can you remove your number from FB and IG?

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, almost certainly stores your phone number. This is how to permanently remove your phone number from FB and IG database.

Think you managed to avoid linking your phone to your FB account? You have never provided this data on Facebook or Instagram, so are you sure that your phone number is unknown?

Well, you are definitely wrong! The fact that you did not provide this data to Facebook does not mean that some of your friends did not share their inbox with Facebook. And sharing such contacts from the phone allows the system to quickly associate your account data with the phone number.

Why does Facebook need our phone number? What data do Facebook, Instagram and Messenger collect?

Facebook, however, allows you to remove such sensitive data from its system, but does not really want to be proud of it. Why? Maybe it’s obvious for the company Meta (responsible for managing Facebook and Instagram) it is important to store and analyze as much of our data as possible. Thanks to this, they can better personalize our needs and use them, for example, to profile advertising campaigns.

Of course, the data on the phone number is just a drop in the ocean of what this system knows about us. Facebook servers store thousands of data about us, you can only guess what is collected. Indeed, gender, interests, age, what we click on most often, when interacting with certain content.

How to delete your data easily and quickly from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram?

It is not difficult to remove phone number data from Facebook and Instagram. However, we must have the phone whose number we want to delete with us – a verification code will be sent to it via SMS. As Facebook claims, deleting a phone number is permanent and also prevents it from being listed in the future.

To remove your phone number from Facebook and Instagram, click the link Metadata Extraction Tools.

Then follow the instructions that appear. The first step is to enter your number (the one to be removed) for confirmation. An SMS code will be sent to this number after some time.

Tool to remove contact data
With this tool, you can delete your contact information from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger.

Removal of landline number and email

This tool also allows us to delete our data about email address and landline number. From the menu on the previously mentioned page, it is enough to select other options – those concerning the email address or the phone number.