How Tragedy, Prayer and Success Connected Keyontae Johnson and Oscar Tshiebwe – Sports Illustrated

How Tragedy, Prayer and Success Connected Keyontae Johnson and Oscar Tshiebwe – Sports Illustrated

The tragedy of Keyontae Johnson and the success of Oscar Tshiebwe are intertwined by prayer. When Johnson, the Florida Gators’ basketball star, collapsed on the court during a game on December 12, 2020, his family and friends were immediately filled with fear and uncertainty. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Zambia, Tshiebwe, Johnson’s former teammate, was offering up prayers for his friend’s recovery.

The pair first met in 2018, when Tshiebwe joined the Gators’ basketball team. Johnson, a junior at the time, took the freshman Tshiebwe under his wing, offering support and guidance. As the two grew closer, it was obvious that Johnson saw something special in Tshiebwe. He encouraged the freshman to work hard and dream big.

Their bond was further strengthened when the two were both drafted by the NBA in 2020. Johnson was selected by the Detroit Pistons in the first round, while Tshiebwe was picked up by the Houston Rockets in the second round. The two were thrilled to have achieved their dream and planned to celebrate together, until tragedy struck.

When Johnson collapsed, Tshiebwe immediately offered up prayers, asking God to heal his friend. He continued to pray throughout Johnson’s hospitalization and recovery, and was overwhelmed with joy when he heard the news that Johnson had made a full recovery.

The two friends have since reunited, and Johnson has been inspired by Tshiebwe’s faith in the midst of adversity. He has since made a commitment to his faith and to helping others in need. The tragedy that befell Johnson has provided an opportunity for him and Tshiebwe to reflect on the power of prayer and resilience in the face of adversity.

The tragedy and success of Keyontae Johnson and Oscar Tshiebwe serve as a reminder of the power of prayer and faith. The two have grown closer than ever, and their story provides an important message of hope to all.

As Johnson put it, “This experience has been a real blessing in disguise, and I’m grateful for Oscar’s prayers and support through it all.”