How well do you know the Munich automaker?

How well do you know the Munich automaker?

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From: Sebastian Oppenheimer

It is probably known that BMW is an abbreviation of Bavarian Motor Works – but do you also know when the manufacturer was founded? You can test your knowledge in our quiz.

Are you convinced that the BMW logo represents a stylish propeller? Then you are unfortunately mistaken. It’s definitely one of the ongoing rumors about the automaker. While it is true that BMW evolved from the Munich aircraft engine manufacturer Rapp Motorenwerke, the logo does not show a spinning propeller. The story was based on a BMW advertisement from 1929: for an aircraft engine advertisement that BMW produced under license, the logo was “placed” on the propeller. What? do you already know all this? Then try our quiz of ten questions about the Munich car manufacturer.

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Many do not know: the BMW logo does not represent a stylish propeller. © Silas Stein/Imago

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Drive Technology: BMW keeps all options open

While many manufacturers currently rely almost exclusively on electric drives, the Munich automaker is still keeping all options open. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse sees great opportunities for the future in hydrogen technology in particular. In fact, the Bavarians have started producing a fuel cell car: the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. Zipse also cautions against focusing solely on single-vehicle technology.

On the other hand, BMW has had to endure a lot of criticism in social networks for some time – because of the design. With the “big kidney in the image structure”, which most of the new models of the manufacturer carry, many fans still cannot make friends. Some prototypes, such as the i Vision Dee, which BMW showed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, were not well received with their design.