How Williams and his crew survived De Vries’ invasion

How Williams and his crew survived De Vries’ invasion

He drove the Aston Martin on Friday morning, after which he thought his track time was over for the weekend. Nothing turned out to be true, because when Alexander Albon had to stop with appendicitis, it was Nyck de Vries who was called to drive at the weekend. A complete turnaround for the Dutchman, but Williams’ staff also faced challenges. This is how they experienced it.

Through the officer Williams’ Instagram account Four different team members, who had to work closely with De Vries, share how they went through the replacement. Because it was not only for De Vries that the conversion was involved, they also ended up on a roller coaster in which a lot had to be prepared to get Fries on the track as soon as possible.

“I quickly put Nyck’s schedule to look at, and briefly explained where to go and what to expect,” press secretary Dominique Heyer-Wright said. ‘Everything was covered to decide his dinner and his cooks!’, said the press secretary, who therefore had to inform Frisian of all the duties he would have during the weekend.

It all went very quickly for race engineer James Urwin, that Saturday morning. “When we got the final confirmation that Alex was too sick to drive, Nyck arrived at the office before we knew it, and that was 90 minutes before the session!” At the start of the third free practice, the Dutchman had to practice. his appearance.

Preparing for the session

After the announcement, chief mechanic Ben Howard suddenly had the task of preparing the car for De Vries. ‘We changed everything you can change. That means we also had to lower the floor for the weight of the driver, because of the difference in weight between the two,” refers to the taller and therefore heavier Albon.

George Britton, the performance engineer, had to discuss as much data as possible with De Vries, in a very short time. Everything had to be very efficient. “From the time he sat down to the time he had to get into the car, it was about getting as much quality information into it as possible.” In order to understand how to drive on a circuit, the Dutchman was given a lot of information.