How's the weather looking for St. Patrick's Day in Maine? – WGME

How's the weather looking for St. Patrick's Day in Maine? – WGME

Anticipation is high as Maine residents prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, but the weather could present some challenges.

The National Weather Service has predicted that on Saturday, the temperature in Maine is expected to remain in the mid to upper 30s, with a chance of rain and snow throughout the day. A cold front has been slowly approaching the area, with temperatures dropping into the 20s in some parts of the state by Sunday.

Despite the gloomy forecast, meteorologists say that temperatures are not expected to drop below freezing, so snow accumulation should be minimal. Much of the precipitation is anticipated to remain in the form of rain, so conditions should remain relatively mild.

“The temperature isn’t likely to be an issue for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations,” said a meteorologist from the National Weather Service. “It’s possible that some areas of Maine could receive a few inches of snow, but the majority of the precipitation should remain as rain.”

Despite the forecast, Mainers are still expected to turn out in droves to celebrate the holiday, undeterred by the rain and snow. Those planning to attend any outdoor festivities are advised to dress for the weather, and keep an eye on the forecast for any changes.