Humble Maruti Ignis Imagined with Wide Body Kit

Humble Maruti Ignis Imagined with Wide Body Kit

The Maruti Ignis, already an iconic compact hatchback, has been reimagined with a wide body kit to create an even more eye-catching vehicular masterpiece. With its edgy, angular design and captivating colour palette, this modified version of the Ignis promises to be a formidable presence on the roads.

The kit itself is crafted from the highest grade of carbon fiber and engineered to exacting standards. It consists of a front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper and rear diffuser, all of which have been aerodynamically designed to improve downforce, allowing for increased stability and responsiveness.

The Ignis’ already impressive performance is also enhanced with the addition of the wide body kit. The kit’s extra width is equipped with a set of wider and stickier tyres, resulting in an improved traction and grip, allowing for more precise cornering and greater acceleration.

The kit is also decked out with a full array of striking LED lights. These include the front and rear headlamps, the fog lights and the rear brake lights. The overall effect is a night-time presence that is sure to draw attention from any onlookers.

The Maruti Ignis wide body kit is sure to turn heads, providing a distinctive look that will set it apart from the competition. With its powerful performance and captivating style, this modified version of the Ignis is sure to be a standout on the roads.