Hungry Alonso is considering extending his contract with Aston Martin

Hungry Alonso is considering extending his contract with Aston Martin

The partnership between two-time world champion Fernando Alonso and the F1 team Aston Martin has been a great success so far. After riding in four Grands Prix, the Spaniard has already crossed the finish line three times in third place. In all likelihood, real success will not be achieved this year at least; that is to win the third world title. High expectations combined with a strong desire for success mean that Alonso is thinking aloud if he wants to continue racing with Aston Martin for much longer.

The recent Azerbaijan Grand Prix was the first in the Formula 1 season that Fernando Alonso failed to finish on the podium. However, the Spaniard came close, but in the end had to settle for fourth place.

With Aston Martin’s new headquarters under construction and showing more progress by the day, all signs point to the potential for a successful year for the British racing team. Alonso is still looking to extend his F1 success, and is therefore already planning his future.

“As I see now, I need two years to build things with the team. However, we are in a better position than we thought,” Alonso told MARCA. “We thought we could start fighting for the podium from 2024, we have already done that three times this year.”

“Things are going better than we thought (initially), which means the temptation to sign a contract extension is there. But, there is also the idea of ​​standing tall with a smile on your face. I know to be honest, not yet. We think we can have a chance (of world title) in 2024, and also in 2025,” Alonso said.