Hybrid cars, which are the best for 2023?  A lot of surprises

Hybrid cars, which are the best for 2023? A lot of surprises

A well-known website specializing in the analysis of the car market has compiled a list of the best hybrids around. And there are some surprises.

In a complete electronic revolution, the hybrid car solution seems to be the most suitable at the moment. Especially in Italy, where the poles continue to a large extent but still below other European countries. Until now, a 100% electric solution does not seem to be the most suitable, especially for those who travel many kilometers in our country, while for the city it is the most recommended. For the more stubborn who continue to use heat engines, take a look in Europe the best car was considered Jeep AvengerFully electric. But it must be said if you still doubt this technology, at least know that at least Hybrid engines and plug-in hybrids not only provide better fuel efficiency compared to models that use only diesel or petrol, but some also provide exceptional performance.

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The growth of hybrid cars, both conventional and plug-in, in recent years has confirmed the appreciation of the Italian public. Suffice it to say that in December in Italy 27.5% of the market is for traditional engines, while hybrid cars are now at 34.1% share.a sign that the move has not taken place but there has also been a strengthening of this position, with positive numbers that are set to increase also in 2023.

In fact, there are many models with hybrid engines that are ready to start this season and promise significant sales. And make it a list of the best, not a cheap one that has already come out some time agoit was a special site Car And Driver.

The best hybrids on the market

Immediately there is a Column to be made: among the top 14 selected by the Spanish website, there are many Asian ones, but Europe has monopolized the podium. But unfortunately Italy is not there, and this is a terrible sign for our companies. As mentioned, Germany holds the first three positions, andAudi A7 55 TFSIe, which makes style and efficiency its flagship. “This speedster combines the comfort and convenience features expected of a mid-size luxury car with the versatility of five doors and up to more than 50 kilometers of electric range,” the statement said.

In second place BMW 3 Series, which may no longer be an enthusiast’s car but, as the specs sheet puts it, is “a top performer that boasts a roomy interior and above-average revs”. And among its main features is the plug-in hybrid engine, called the 330e, which develops 292 HP and is capable of traveling 62 kilometers in electric mode only. In addition, another gem is that all-wheel drive is also offered.

With 87 kilometers of pure electric range, the BMW X5 xDrive45e it is another German who occupies the stage. The hybrid engine of 394 HP is among the most powerful in its category but at the same time it is able to push the German model to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. The PHEV version especially impresses with its advanced system and infotainment system.

Other high quality cars

Then, as mentioned, there is a lot of Southeast Asia. Starting from the car to finish on the foot of the podium, the Honda Civic, which turned out to be one of the most interesting hybrids to drive. In addition, its 184 HP electric train allows it to provide low fuel consumption, given that we are talking about 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

The Japanese house which then places another example in the fifth position, the CR-V, which makes its use and enjoyment to drive its trademark. The car is also suitable for family trips, which, considering the hybrid drive, will require less fuel than most other SUVs. South Korea to follow Hyundai Santa Fe, which offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid options, the latter capable of covering nearly 60 kilometers in electric mode. No matter what trim level you choose, every Santa Fe boasts a quiet, comfortable interior and plenty of advanced technology features. And behind it is Tucson, which is a rage for its bold design. While the entry-level versions are based on standard four-cylinder engines, the SUV also offers hybrid, mild hybrid and plug-in powertrains, the latter of which offer up to 62 kilometers of electric range. But on all these uses of records.

Behind them a new generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee and plug-in hybrid system, which promises great stability on long journeys. The following time is Kia Sorento, which despite the trunk is not very big but which in the PHEV version offers up to 57 kilometers of electric range but above all a lot of technology. Rounding out the top ten is another German, no Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE performancewith a capacity of more than 800 HP and which combines power and great efficiency in terms of use.

Immediately behind Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid And Turbo S E-Hybrid, which are based on hybrid methods of plug-ins that manage high performance and low fuel consumption. The Germans preceded the great classic, recently updated, the Toyota RAV4, which in the hybrid version offers the same actions and the same space as the other versions, but consumes less fuel. The back is Volvo XC60 Recharge, which with its 455 horsepower and a range of over 70 kilometers in EV mode makes this luxury SUV hard to ignore. And it precedes another Volvo, the XC90which offers a lot of style and technology, especially in terms of safety.

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