Hydrogen Škoda H’CITY at Innotrans 2022 (photo)

Hydrogen Škoda H’CITY at Innotrans 2022 (photo)

Škoda Transportation wants to use its experience in the electric car market and drive the market by entering the bus business more strongly. At the Innotrans railway exhibition, the manufacturer showed a hydrogen bus and a trolleybus. Both would not have been possible if not for the cooperation with the Turkish bus manufacturer.

For several editions, the Innotrans rail fair has also been an opportunity to present buses. This year, the biggest shows were announced by Škoda, which has not been very active in the bus segment so far, unless we consider joint projects with Solaris, where the Polish manufacturer provided bodies for the Czech Republic.

This time, Škoda was exhibiting under its own brand. The H’CITY hydrogen bus had its world premiere at the exhibition. An asynchronous motor from Škoda’s own production with a power of 160 kW is installed in it, there are several important components produced in the Czech Republic (converters), and the roof panel is also prepared for installation in this country. The car, according to the information provided by Škoda, has a range of 350. This is enough for the daily operation of the bus in many public transport companies.

The body of the buses, however, comes from Turkey and is produced by Temsa, in which Škoda has had a majority stake for two years. The fuel cell is manufactured by Ballard, and the hydrogen tanks are manufactured by the renowned Luxfer. So then it is a clever combination of Skoda car features, famous hydrogen components and a body made in Turkey.

What can a passenger expect? Ergonomic, comfortable interior, very standard glazing and no seats at the end of the car (this is where the main motor and battery compartment are located). The design of the car from the outside does not go down, but it cannot be said that it is a bad bus or completed carelessly. Not so. The finished product is a meeting of Turkish, economic solutions and Czech ability to create simple and ergonomic spaces.

The Škoda H’CITY bus is currently in the approval phase in several European countries (its trials have been announced in Prague and Brno), so it does not carry passengers on its own. However, it is transported by the 36Tr bus, which is also shown at the Innotrans exhibition, which you can ride for free in Pilzno. Inside, it is similar to Škoda hydrogen, because it is based on the same design and technological solutions. Ostrava has purchased 12 such buses and will exercise the option for 6 more. He will be the first customer on 36Tr.