Hyundai and Kia are in trouble.  Service attack at company headquarters.  At the price of diesel?

Hyundai and Kia are in trouble. Service attack at company headquarters. At the price of diesel?

The information provided by Reuters today is short but short. The prosecutor ordered a search of several European offices of Kia and Hyundai (both belonging to the Hyundai Motor Group) and the relevant services carried out unannounced raids. The purpose of the search is to confirm or eliminate the use of illegal software by a Korean company.

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The prosecutor’s office in Germany suspects that such a program could be used for up to 210,000 people. cars of both brands. These are versions with diesel engines, and the purpose of the program was to put the computers that control the car units in a special mode that reduces the emission of harmful substances during approval tests. Their purpose is to determine the emission of harmful substances and engines in cars and the possible authorization to sell on this basis.

Kia Sportage photo by Kia

The program was requested from outside companies

Reuters claims that the source of the software in the Kii and Hyundai cars was external companies Bosch and Delphi, which provided computers for Hyundai Motor Group’s diesel injection control. Both now belong to the international Borgwarner group. As the European headquarters of Hyundai and Kia are located in several countries, the search operation of eight properties in Germany and Luxembourg was coordinated by the European Union agency: Eurojust.

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A Hyundai spokesperson confirmed to the agency that a search had taken place and that his company was working with authorities. We don’t know more details, but the issue is still ongoing. We know how such doubts ended in the case of the Volkswagen group and other car concerns. Their result was the Dieselgate scandal, which the Volkswagen concern alone would cost more than 20 billion dollars.