Hyundai Bayon – the city SUV is now available in Tunisia

Hyundai Bayon – the city SUV is now available in Tunisia


Hyundai Tunisie has just announced the Bayon, its all-new city SUV that stands out from other models in its segment with its compact exterior, spacious interior, and range of smart safety and connectivity features.

As a B-segment SUV, the BAYON is the most compact model in Hyundai’s expanding SUV lineup. It helps democratize technology, by putting security and connectivity tools within everyone’s reach.

In line with the naming strategy of the SUV brand, the name “BAYON” is inspired by a large tourist area: BAYONne, the capital of the French Basque Country.

A sharp and unique design
BAYON represents Hyundai’s latest fashion innovation in its SUV range. It is distinguished by unexpected and interesting proportions, as well as bold graphic elements while adopting a brand style identity called Sensuous Sportiness, which seeks harmony between proportions, architecture, style and technology. The latest interpretation of this design philosophy combines emotional values ​​with creative solutions.

With its sharp appearance and its impressive characteristics of the style of Hyundai SUVs, BAYON reaffirms the stylistic direction of the brand’s SUVs. The BAYON’s unique and bold style, emphasized by its strong lines and its arrow-shaped headlights, will make it a unique and original model in the booming SUV-B segment.

At the front, its wide grille is turned downwards, giving the car a solid base. Three-element headlights and air vents emphasize the uniqueness of its shape and design. Horizontal air intakes and daytime running lights emphasize the car’s width, while the protective skid plate confirms its SUV status.

At the rear, the arrow-shaped lights emphasize the dynamics of the pillars. Their position on either side of the tailgate reflects the width of the car seat. In addition, they are combined with a horizontal horizontal pipe that emphasizes the feeling of the car’s width while establishing a natural intersection between the sides and the rear. The angular lines above emphasize the sense of volume, showing the strength of the bow. LED lights and indicators complete its ultra-modern look.

It offers a palette of seven exterior colors, including a new launch color: Mangrove Green. A two-tone Phantom Black roof is also available as an option with several exterior colors.

Modern and digital interior
BAYON benefits from a spacious and bright interior. This style mainly seeks to increase the comfort of the front and rear passengers, as well as increase the amount of luggage. The passenger compartment is characterized by a whole series of connectivity devices, such as a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, and a 10.25-inch AVN screen or an 8-inch Projection Audio system. Occupants can benefit from a lighting system of LEDs are present integrated in the front passenger compartment, door pockets, and front inner door handles, as well as in the storage compartment under the center console.

BAYON offers a wide choice of carefully selected colors and interior materials, which perfectly match the exterior liveries on offer. The concept of the most pleasant colors and finishes, as well as clever and subtle insertions, contribute to creating a sense of calm. The BAYON comes standard with Full Black fabric upholstery

Like other Hyundai models, the BAYON offers advanced connectivity technologies that are not normally offered in its segment. It benefits from a digital cockpit and advanced infotainment functionality.

Passengers can choose between a 10.25-inch AVN screen and an 8-inch Display Audio system. Two USB ports for front seat passengers and one USB port for rear passengers charge up to three devices simultaneously. One of the two front ports also allows data transfer, giving occupants the ability to connect their phones to the car’s infotainment system. A high-end Bose audio system completes the equipment, assuring occupants of a high-quality audio experience.

Habitability and comfort
The Hyundai BAYON combines the comfort and storage of an SUV with the lightness and fuel efficiency of a B-segment car. Its large exterior and family-friendly interior offer customers the best of both worlds: if its compact dimensions and excellent looks ensure easily. access and extreme agility, it also offers a sense of safety and stability thanks to its elevated seating position, a quality that customers usually expect from a Hyundai SUV.

With a boot volume of 411 litres, the BAYON stands out for its large loading capacity despite its compact size. Therefore, BAYON is characterized by its accommodation and convenience. Another advantage is that its intelligent luggage cover can be slid behind the rear bench seat to cover the load.

With a length of 4,180 mm, a width of 1,775 mm and a height of 1,490 mm (or 1,500 mm with 17-inch rims), its proportions show the perfect balance between compactness and practicality. It also benefits from a 2,580 mm wheelbase. It also offers generous legroom in the front and rear seats, ensuring great driving comfort: so the occupants can benefit from a length of legroom of 1,072 mm in the front and 882 mm in the back.

Being a true SUV, the BAYON offers a ground clearance of up to 183 mm (with 17-inch rims), higher than that of many other B-segment vehicles.

Advanced safety equipment
The BAYON shares its safe and stable character with other SUVs in the Hyundai range, and benefits from the same safety equipment.

A number of semi-autonomous driving features clearly distinguish BAYON from its competitors. Active Lane Keeping Assist (LFA) keeps the car centered in its lane. The Autonomous Emergency Braking (FCA) system first provides an audible warning, then applies the brakes when necessary to avoid a collision. The system includes detection of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as an intersection steering function, which activates the brakes to avoid colliding with an oncoming vehicle when the driver turns left at an intersection.

BAYON also integrates a number of functions that make it possible to gently restore the driver’s attention when distracted. Driver Drowsiness Detection (DAW) analyzes driving behavior to detect any signs of distraction or drowsiness. The system works in conjunction with the Upstream Vehicle Restart Alert (LVDA), which warns the driver if they do not react quickly enough when the vehicle in front restarts. Additionally, before leaving the vehicle, Rear Occupant Presence Alert (ROA) alerts the driver if sensors detect movement in the rear seats. Thanks to this system, the Bayon ensures more safety for its rear passengers – including children and pets – and is therefore the best choice for families.

Other features ensure an excellent level of safety at low speeds or during parking maneuvers. Rear parking assist and brake function (PCA-R) provides a warning and applies the brakes if necessary when an obstacle is detected behind the vehicle when reversing at reduced speed. Similarly, Rear Cross Traffic Alert with Braking (RCCA) assists the driver when backing out of a parking space while another vehicle is approaching. Finally, Active Park Assist (PA) uses a range of sensors that work together to help drivers park in tight spaces.

BAYON owes its excellent fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels to its range of improved Kappa engines. With reduced displacement, the T-GDi engine is a supercharged direct injection engine that ensures low fuel consumption and high efficiency.

This model also includes Valve Opening and Closing Timing (CVVD) technology, which manages valve opening and closing time according to driving conditions. This technology improves engine performance while improving fuel efficiency, thereby reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

At the top of the range is the 100hp 1.0-litre T-GDi engine. It can be paired with a 6-speed manual transmission (6iMT) or a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT).

An 84 hp 1.2-liter MPi engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox is also available.