Hyundai contributes to the Zero Emission World Cup in Qatar

Hyundai contributes to the Zero Emission World Cup in Qatar

Hyundai contributes to the Zero Emission World Cup in Qatar


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In the race for candidates to bring the event to their country, Qatar has already committed to hosting the climate competition.

The organizers want to achieve this by taking energy efficiency measures in the areas of sanitary facilities, ventilation and lighting. Qatar will definitely use solar energy from time to time. For example, air conditioners in sports stadiums use energy from solar panels.

The use of materials is also used. There is even a reusable stadium built from sea containers.

FIFA shows that the largest CO2 emissions are caused by transport. And Hyundai was able to respond to this by offering transportation options with the IONIQ 5 and the use of electric buses.

Ships from Hyundai to Qatar

No less than 616 cars will be used, of which 226 electric and hybrid cars will be used in the competition. Some of Hyundai’s electric vehicles making the trip include: Hyundai IONIQ 5, Sonata HEV, Tucson HEV and KONA HEV. VIPS and crew available everywhere will be transported by The Genesis G70 EV and Genesis GV80 EV (pictured). The media flocking to the FIFA World Cup is transported on 10 Elec City zero-emission buses.

Additionally, Hyundai will provide payment services. Here are two Hyundai IONIQ 5 EVs with Pickup (


) to be deployed. FIFA itself will set up a charging network with 100 kW to 150 kW EV chargers in the parking lots.

The football game will start on November 20. The final will be played on December 18.