Hyundai gives the Ioniq 6 an impressive aerial design

Hyundai gives the Ioniq 6 an impressive aerial design

New Ioniq 6 stands as Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 on the E-GMP platform, which allows, among other things, a long wheel. But Hyundai says that every model in the Ioniq line has its own design. “It’s not ‘one style that fits all’, but a customer-centered approach that focuses on different lifestyles”, stalt South Korean manufacturer.


According to Hyundai, the Ioniq 6 is very aerodynamic, thanks in part to the duck-tail back damage. “This shape helps the destroyer to increase strength and reduce pulling.” The lower part is also covered and the space in the arches of the wheels is reduced. The Ioniq 6 may have a camera instead of door mirrors.

According to the manufacturer, this results in a minimum drag coefficient of 0.21 cW. For comparison: Dutch solar car light year 0 claims the name of the most aerodynamic family car with a value of 0.19 cW. Various versions of the Ioniq 6 have not yet been reported to Hyundai.

Pixel brightness

The interior space is designed simultaneously with the exterior, according to Hyundai, with the intention of ‘stretching the interior front and back’. Therefore, the car must have a modest footprint and the car should have a ‘unique balanced silhouette’.

Hyundai calls these parameters ‘parametric pixels’, which more than seven hundred are included in the vehicle, such as headlights, rear headlights, rear bumpers, air vents and a central cone.


The dashboard has a 12-inch touch screen like infotainment screen and 12-inch digital columns.

On July 14, the South Korean manufacturer will announce details on performance and pricing.