Hyundai Introduces HL985A Wheel Loader? : CEG

Hyundai Introduces HL985A Wheel Loader? : CEG

Hyundai Heavy Industries, a major global leader in the construction and heavy machinery industry, has recently unveiled its latest wheel loader model, the HL985A. This state-of-the-art wheel loader is engineered to deliver increased productivity, exceptional performance, and reliable operation in difficult work environments.

The HL985A is equipped with a powerful Cummins QSF3.8 engine and a robust transmission, providing the wheel loader with a maximum travel speed of 24.9 kph and a maximum breakout force of 9.7 tons. This combination of power and speed allows operators to complete their work quickly and efficiently.

The wheel loader also features a variety of advanced technologies and features to improve safety, convenience, and productivity. The HL985A is equipped with a spacious cab with ergonomic design, an advanced monitoring system, and an intuitive control panel. All of these features make the wheel loader easy to operate and allow the operator to focus on the job at hand. Additionally, the wheel loader is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system, providing operators with smooth and precise control for improved productivity.

The HL985A is designed to offer superior performance in difficult work environments. It is equipped with a heavy-duty frame and a reinforced counterweight for enhanced stability and durability. The wheel loader also features a range of advanced features, such as a self-leveling system and a variable speed transmission, which can be adjusted to suit the needs of the operator.

The HL985A is the perfect solution for operators who are looking for a wheel loader that offers maximum productivity and reliable operation in challenging conditions. With its powerful engine and advanced features, this wheel loader is sure to be a popular choice among operators.