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A complete electric robot based on the Hyundai Ioniq 5 was first introduced at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. Today, Hyundai launched an international campaign “Innovation Begins, From a Very Human Beginning” to present its vision of the axis of self-propelled robots.

Level 4 taxi for major cities

In partnership with Motional, a global leader in autonomous driving, Hyundai has installed the vehicle with special hardware and software designed to enable SAE Level 4 automatic operation and safe operation without a driver. Starting in 2023, Motional will partner with slippery services to transport these vehicles to US capitals

Campaigns – Videos show the “human” behavior of quarter taxis

Hyundai’s vision of technology and customer experience is reflected in the statement that the Ioniq 5 Robotaxi “although moving without a human driver, is a solution to mobility and humanity within.” Hyundai’s goal is for Robotaxi to operate fully and at the same time. time keep a human touch.

Advertising videos show how quarter taxis show safe driving and care for passengers. The engineer involved in the development of the Ioniq 5 robot taxi has been encouraged by his father’s memories of his childhood. He was always careful and caring on the road. He shifts his driving habits to robotaxi safety technologies, which can be seen later in the video standing by cyclist and in emergency vehicles, as well as turning left safely into incoming traffic.

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Saved on a trip, as if by anxious parents

A robotic boy travels after school with his friends in the Ioniq 5 Robotaxi. One of the friends unbucks his seat belt while driving, and then the self-propelled car pushes his seatbelt back into the infotainment system, much like the parents would. Here’s what Hyundai would like to point out: Passengers, from young to the disabled and the elderly, are safe every time they travel on a Robotaxi.

Hyundai and Motional plan to begin transporting passengers on Robotaxi Ioniq 5 by 2023, first in Las Vegas and then in other major cities in the United States and later worldwide.

What does that mean?

Motional has made its first independent journey across the United States and launched the world’s first robotaxi pilot project. In partnership with Hyundai comes the next step – the first commercially viable car. It is still hard to imagine that roboraxis could thrive in small European cities. However, Robotaxi seems to be more friendly than most taxi drivers …

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