Hyundai Ioniq 6 wins Mercedes-Benz EQE

Hyundai Ioniq 6 wins Mercedes-Benz EQE

There it is: the long-awaited production version of the Hyundai Ioniq 6! It turns out that it is much easier than the Mercedes-Benz EQE.

It has been 2.5 years since Hyundai released the first images of this Ioniq 6. At that time the model was still called Prophecy and was the future electric harbinger of the brand. After much development, tests and model improvement, finally here.

More organized than EQE

Because of the concept car we already knew which way to go with this second member of the Ioniq family. It will be the successor to the original Ioniq, in which the Korean car manufacturer demonstrated the importance of a coordinated body. By 2022, Hyundai is going one step further, because the new Ioniq 6 is more updated than the Mercedes-Benz EQE.

The teat-shaped sedan from Stuttgart has a Cw value of 0.22, but the Ioniq 6 dives there with a value of 0.21. This is made up of a lower front section, live air intake and a double rear spoiler. In any case, the silhouette has a very strong tear pattern for the most possible air operation. The lower part is also completely covered and the space on the wheel arches is reduced, says Hyundai. Please note: the Cw value is for an 18-inch wheelbase, summer tires from Hankook and optional digital side mirrors. Unfortunately, the Mercedes-Benz has the most updated car. In its aerodynamic state, the EQS has a Cw value of 0.20.

More than 500 km

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We still know one or two things from that story manufacturer has previously shared. The Ioniq 6 gets the same battery packs as the Ioniq 5. So calculate the 77 kWh unit, which will easily take you about 500 km. It also looks like a rear or four-wheel drive, with a total of 160 or 230 kW.

Go back to the Ioniq 6 format, because that is quite obvious. Not surprisingly, because that’s after all Hyundai philosophy. It aims to provide very different models, each with its own characteristics. The recognizable oniq 5 is a pixel light, which comprises more than 700 pieces in this ‘6’. The lights are on the headlights, rear lights, rear bumpers, sensors and air vents. There are also popular brake lights on the rear wing. Also new is the manufacturer’s new logo, which adorns the front and back of the Ioniq 6.


Pixel brightness can also be found in the center cone on the car. As with the Ioniq 5, Hyundai chooses a spacious on-board environment. It itself speaks of a ‘cocoon-shaped interior’, with a pilot room that focuses on the driver. Know the screen layout and ‘5’ weather control buttons. However, the design of the dashboard itself is very different. Two screens are further placed on the dashboard, while the horizontal element passes across the entire width of the vehicle, which moves vertically to column A and ends at the screen on which the internal mirror image is estimated.

The middle way is interesting. Which is missing in Ioniq 5: there is a sliding storage area only between the front seats for the most spacious interior possible. For Ioniq 6, Hyundai re-selects the immutable central tunnel that separates occupants from each other.

There are no locks on the door

Door panels are also different. Hyundai has removed all physical locks, except for the door handle itself. As a result, the interior of the Ioniq 6 looks wider than the exterior suggests, according to the manufacturer itself. It does not say where the window controls are now. Maybe they are somewhere in the middle of the tunnel, or on the dashboard. Since the transmission lever is behind the steering wheel, the central tunnel seems to be the ideal place to place the buttons. The mirror controls are located at the bottom left of the steering wheel, as shown in the picture.

Whether that is ergonomic is a question. The fact is that the interior of the Ioniq 6 looks good, in part due to the light of the mood. It offers a choice of not less than 64 different colors and six two-color themes. The steering wheel illuminates the pixel brightness for “the brightest interaction between driver and vehicle”. Count all security systems to contact you as a driver this way.

When will Ioniq 6 appear?

We still have to wait for the first world show of Ioniq 6, but Hyundai reports that it will take place in July. Then we’ll see everything about the car, including more detailed interior photos and a second row of seats. The manufacturer is also expected to share all the details about the power, performance and market introduction of the model.

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