Hyundai Kona Electric: It’s all in the mix

Hyundai Kona Electric: It’s all in the mix

Does a modern electric car have to have all the technical bells and whistles? No, only in the right places. Like the new Hyundai Kona EV. Touch sliders, soft touch surfaces, multi-language volume controls, soft touch screens, multi-icons. Brave new world, but that’s probably in the eye of the beholder, known as the user. As we all know, you get used to everything, but some digital or fashion enhancement doesn’t have to happen. Many manufacturers succumb to the misconception that the customer wants it all that way.

Hyundai is not one of them. Koreans traditionally have a more realistic approach to the subject. In other words, they are not afraid to use modern technology His electro to give it an entire arsenal of analog buttons and rotary controls. Complete radio and climate control and much more can be learned in five seconds, and completely trouble-free driving is not only possible, but guaranteed.

Quasi Safety and comfort features in one and of course also its support system, “No look” assistant. Of course, there are also various types of “real” electrical assistants. Hyundai pulls out all stops, lane following monitoring systems, blind spots, distance, fatigue and everything else too. The way we work, which largely leaves daily life alone, should be praised. And we are sure that if they were allowed, the Koreans would be the first to cancel the warning required by the European Union when the speed limit is exceeded.

In fact, driving “very fast”, which fortunately has nothing to do with “speed”, which is often used in the media, is part of the Kona. It’s not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, but it is 218 hp and 255 Newton meters A strong car has its own fun with a relatively light Kona. The Korean accelerates seamlessly and powerfully, and its elasticity is impressive up to a speed of more than 130 km / h. No one needs more, but if you want a few you might as well be happy, the Kona Electric is also available with 156 HP and a smaller battery.

However, the additional fee of EUR 4,000.00 for a large storage unit with a total capacity of 65.4 kWh is well spent. More range is always possible, 518 km WLTP turned out to be a very good 420 real. And the extra power doesn’t make the Kona a mystery racer anyway. It’s more of a backup when your right foot itches. If it was all about Kona, one or two would be enough quick corners, then please come back have fun

In this sense, automatic recovery is also recommended, which, because it is error-free and balanced, clearly beats the five reversible methods. Kona Elektro is charged with a maximum of 102 kW. Not so fast, anyone who has often charged in public knows that even most chargers are often unable to do so. This means you always have to stand in the right place at the charging station, because the Kona has its own charging socket in the front.

“Prestige Line” is a top model Hyundai price 54.990,00standard generous equipment can be reduced with standard additions such as a heat pump, 19-inch rims, an adapter loading bay or two-tone paint.


Quite typical: an extroverted and mysterious structure.

Very frustrating: There are many buttons, but nothing to turn off the warning sound if the speed is too fast.

It’s really amazing: the first car in every situation.

Right now: How can he do the basics. A big and different trunk, for example.


Data Hyundai Kona Electric Prestige Line

Motor: 65.4 kWh lithium-ion battery (net)

Power: 218 HP

Maximum torque: 255 Nm

Distance: approximately 420 km

Maximum: 172 km / h

0 to 100 km/h: 7.8 seconds

Price from EUR 54,990.00 (excluding subsidy)