Hyundai Mobis will sign strategic partnership for the development of …

Hyundai Mobis will sign strategic partnership for the development of …

Hyundai Mobis

Seoul, South Korea, April 20 / PRNewswire /

– The MOU and Vector specialist of the AUTOSAR software platform are intended to increase the competition of the software platform.

– Integration is an effective step based on demanding demand from international customers for automotive components installed in software for autonomous driving and infotainment.

Hyundai Mobis and Vector have jointly agreed to develop software platforms for the automotive industry. Vector, Germany’s main partner AUTOSAR that supports international automotive software standards, is a leading provider of software development tools and platforms for automotive manufacturers and distributors around the world.

As software platforms have become an integral part of automotive manufacturing, automotive manufacturers require their distributors to use AUTOSAR-based software platforms with quality and validity.

With this declaration of intent, the two companies hope that their automotive software will become more competitive in the global automotive industry.

The two companies will previously integrate integrated software into the basic components of parking systems, autonomous driving sensors, infotainment systems and electrical components. The list of key features installed by the platform is also expected to continue to grow.

According to Hyundai Mobis Senior Vice President Jae-ho Jang, “This strategic partnership will not only improve our competitiveness and reliability in the global automotive industry, but will also make us leaders in the mobility software industry.”

Ji-Hwan Chang, President of Vector Korea, adds: “Vector is very pleased to be partnering with Hyundai Mobis in the development of key software platforms for the automotive industry. Leading AUTOSARs in the industry. “

For Hyundai Mobis, this partnership is just the beginning of a long-term partnership with major software companies that have basic automotive driving technologies. The first of these interactions will likely be in the areas of vehicle communication solutions and autonomous driving sensors.

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Hyundai Mobis is the 7th car dealer in the world with its headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Hyundai Mobis has excellent expertise in diagnostics, diagnostic integration in ECUs and software development for security controls. The Company’s products also include various components for electrical installation, brakes, chassis and suspension, steering wheel, airbags, lighting and automotive electronics. Hyundai Mobis operates a R&D center in Korea and 4 technology centers in Germany, China, India and the United States.

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