Hyundai Motor Stock: A Real Champion!  ()

Hyundai Motor Stock: A Real Champion! ()

On 11/12/2022 01:00, Hyundai Motor was quoted at KRW 172000 on the stock market. The company is listed under “Automobile Manufacturer”.

In an internal analysis, we evaluated Hyundai Motor based on the 4 most important factors based on current data. This results in a “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell” rating. These 4 different individual factors then lead to a combined overall assessment of the stock’s prospects.

1. Investors: A look at the discussion on social media shows the following picture: In the past few days, market participants were generally neutral towards Hyundai Motor. There were a total of three positive days and one negative. For four days there was no clear direction. In contrast, the latest news about the company in the last day or two has been more positive. Based on our sentiment analysis, Hyundai Motor therefore receives a “Buy” rating. Overall, Hyundai Motor receives a “buy” rating from the editors on investor sentiment.

2. Technical Analysis: In the last 200 trading days, Hyundai Motor stock averaged 182107.5 KRW at the closing price. The closing price on the last trading day was KRW 172000 (a difference of -5.55 percent) and therefore we give it a “Sell” rating from a technical point of view. Besides the 200-day moving average, the 50-day moving average is also often analyzed as part of a charting technique. At this value (179350 KRW), the near end is close to the moving average (-4.1 percent). In this case, the Hyundai Motor segment is rated differently, which is a “Hold” rating. Overall, Hyundai Motor receives a “Hold” rating on a simple chart approach.

3. Emotions and Buzz: The Internet can amplify or even distort emotions. Depending on the size of the discussion, i.e. the number of word contributions in social networks and the frequency and depth of emotional changes, there are new stock assessments. At Hyundai Motor, we have measured strong activity based on long-term discussion volume and assigned a “Buy” rating to this signal. The rate of change in sentiment experienced a positive change during this period. So we come to an overall “Buy” result for the long-term trend picture.

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