Hyundai N stops petrol and buys ‘affordable sports EV’

Hyundai N stops petrol and buys ‘affordable sports EV’

Will the last hatchback with an internal combustion engine come out the door please turn off the lights? Last year we said goodbye to the Fiesta (ST) and Megane RS, while this year the Focus ST is waiting for the same fate and the RS did not find a successor. Not long ago, Hyundai also announced that the N division will no longer produce petrol cars. The i30 N and i20 N are therefore being deleted, although we see little of this in the CO2-free Netherlands, where they were not sold anyway. There is also hope on the horizon for fans of the fast stuff.

Hyundai’s sports arm will now fully focus on developing EVs like the Ioniq 5 N. The best news comes from Hyundai’s technical advisor Albert Biermann. He confirms that Hyundai N is interested in building an affordable EV with the capabilities of the Ioniq 5 special. And he takes his intentions quite seriously.

The affordable Hyundai N sports EV is a top priority

“The most important thing right now is to come up with a small, affordable N car,” says Biermann. He even calls it his ‘first and foremost priority’ to develop concept cars in that direction. In addition, the affordable EV from Hyundai N should offer ‘the same level of fun, or even a more fun level of driving pleasure’ than the Ioniq 5 N. Just imagine.

The next electric Hyundai N will be on a different platform than the fast Ioniq 5. It uses the E-GMP platform, while the new generation of Hyundais will have a ‘significantly improved’ Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) platform. According to Biermann, they can accommodate ‘almost all automotive parts’ on this platform. So also a cheap car, maybe an i10-like yay EV from Hyundai N in terms of size Interesting things coming from South Korea…