Hyundai N Vision 74: a retro athlete with a hydrogen PHEV

Hyundai N Vision 74: a retro athlete with a hydrogen PHEV

Hyundai previewed the N Performance line on its N-Day. The Koreans presented two studies, the RN22e, a near-series concept car that anticipates the Ioniq 6 N, and the N Vision 74, a retro sports coupe powered by PHEV fuel cells.

No, N Vision 74 does not show the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N – which will be launched in 2023 and will receive a familiar body layout and should carry some of the features shown on the Ioniq 6 N. test drives and technology. Hyundai already gave a first glimpse at the end of 2021 when the carmaker explained its hydrogen strategy and offered the N Vision 74 as the FK Vision disguised on the racetrack.

The research that has now been launched previously refers to the 2DR Coupé Concept by Giugiaro, which was shown at the Turin Motor Show in 1974. Although this wedge-shaped model was never built, in 1975 the Hyundai Pony went into series production according to the research.

A retro look with a hydrogen car

The Sport Coupé shows a narrow front end with the familiar pixel lights from the Ioniq 5. The apron and hood are quickly removed. Fenders are strongly displayed, large sills. The design is a bit reminiscent of a combination of Delorean and Lancia Stratos. The side view is characterized by a strong B-pillar and an angular roof line. At the back, several design elements catch the eye. On one side there is a large rear spoiler and on the other a large diffuser. The study features a driver-oriented cockpit with a mix of traditional features and modern design, such as a digital instrument cluster and analog buttons.

In terms of power, the N Vision 74 refers to the Hyundai N Vision 2025 model from the Gran Turismo racing game, which was presented in 2015 to launch the N brand. Although not closely related, a fuel cell drive lies under the hood of the N Vision 74. In the current study, it is designed as a plug-in hybrid system, meaning it can store electrical energy in batteries. Because the N Vision 74 is powered by a fuel cell system and battery electric drive together, cooling efficiency is improved and two different energy sources can be used depending on the operating conditions. Additionally, the N Vision 74 explores the balance between performance and coolness with a three-way cooling system.

Sports coupe with 680 hp hybrid

In terms of performance, the drive system requires more than 500 kW (680 hp) and more than 900 Nm of torque. Hyundai specifies the battery capacity to be 62.4 kWh, which can be charged using 800 volt fast charging technology. The tank can store 4.2 kg of hydrogen and is full in five minutes. The research should reach a distance of about 600 km, but certainly not if a top speed of more than 250 km/h will be used at all. Incidentally, the Hyundai N Vision 74 is 4,952 mm long, 1,995 mm wide and 1,331 mm tall – with a wheelbase of 2,905 mm.

In 2020, Hyundai presents the RM20e, the first working electric car. Before that, the Koreans had already developed several RM (Racing Midship) models as rear-wheel drive and mid-engine models – such as the RM15, RM16. and RM19 on the same Platform.

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Hyundai combines retro design with modern technology. The result is a study that cites a concept car that has never been built from Giugiaro’s pen and is connected to a hydrogen car. What are the positions of the series? Hydrogen technology is at the forefront of research at Hyundai, of course especially for heavy traffic use, but why not also offer a sports car with this performance and design?