Hyundai Santa Fe 2023: all the details

Hyundai Santa Fe 2023: all the details

SUV is the most popular segment today. All families (almost) want them, which is a great opportunity for companies wishing to enter the industry. But there is another side: fierce competition. Finding a place in the spotlight is somewhat difficult, due to the excellent qualities of rivals in the market. They also paid taxes in South Korea, where Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 will be called to relaunch the ambitions of the model.

The fourth generation left a lot to be desired in terms of commercial volume; therefore, the top management of the company would decide to bring plans for five. Based on rumors collected and shared by Korean Car Blog, the car will return to new condition before the original expectation. In recent days it has lost some of the enamel that marked it, but there is no lack of expectation of revenge.

The new strategy will go through the scrutiny of every minute detail, starting with “scudetto” of the Builder, now bright and 2D. To give a better idea, Asia magazine has published some constructions, made by its good partners, experts in computer graphics.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2023: clearly a page-turner

That the fifth generation Hyundai Santa Fe is one of new entry for 2023 is well known. Spy photos and videos, leaked more and more in recent months, dispel all doubts. To avoid spoiling the “wow” effect, great concealment was used. However, despite the attempts to hide the new beauty, the style immediately catches the eye. If we give a definite emphasis during the official event, the intention to depart from the recent days is still visible.

The public’s angry reaction to the current version is prompting an obvious change, which will take place immediately. First of all, remember goodbye to the split design of the headlights, a solution that, at least in this case, has never been completely convincing. However, the results of the efforts made by the South Korean company stand out, first of all, from side. The roofline, side windows and windshield give the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe a Stronger and more visible marks. The glossy black color of the pillars and the reinterpretation of the headers emphasize the original feeling.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2023

Basically, the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe should be out later. It went into retailers during the 2018, received a facelift and platform update in 2020. The hope was to change direction, to regain the leading position in the sports utility industry. Unfortunately for the company, that didn’t happen. With a total of 57,578 registrations registered in 2021, the duel with the Kia Sorento, which reached 76,833 units, was badly lost.

Also, more expensive Palisade it established itself, with 64,791 plates. Accepting a sudden setback is, in short, difficult. Anger that increases by considering the seriousness involved in offending brands. Before the fourth generation (codename MQ4), it was the best selling SUV in the country. Leadership is also dictated by a long history, so that is first use of games manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company. Along the way, it has been able to maintain and expand its customer base, with unstoppable hardware upgrades.

A few words had been given about the engine, however without special emphasis. Some constructive criticism is meant to lift it up quality standards. No one had to complain, however, aboutpicture, is considered property. But fractures emerged at a later stage. The formula has ceased to arouse the same great interest. Fierce competition brought by neighbors (including its sister Tucson) makes recovery impossible, hence the race for insurance.

From “medium” to “large”

Hyundai Santa Fe 2023

We need to get back on the right track and, in this regard, the successor will be sold in the coming months, between summer and early autumn.

Meanwhile, the Korean YouTube profile offers a closer preview. The car did not die next to the Kia Carnival (which has ceased production also intended for Europe). In addition to the information already highlighted above, the video shows some roof bars. And what does that mean? That performance will play a major role.

For a short segment you can also see the interior, especially the white leather upholstery. Another proof of beautiful color used for internal affairs. The door panels should deviate from the current Santa Fe, which will recall those of Kia Sorento. Apparently, to take advantage of every inch of space, designers will choose reclining chairs.

The the size they will grow compared to today’s SUV, from “medium” to “large” size. Compared to the long-wheelbase Tucson, the current Santa Fe is only one inch longer.

External behavior, therefore, is defined. To know more, it will be necessary to wait for the official update.

Hyundai interior

Hand in hand and out, the flatbeddesigned to ensure two different conclusions of hybrid power train. Which will probably be the only certainty that the brand will start again. Zero emission mobility is a pillar for any company with global goals. Hyundai, which targets the whole world with the Santa Fe, has decided to adopt a middle ground. There will be no full electric options with the fifth generation.

The main weakness that hinders putting BEVs on sale is the poor distribution of infrastructure. Little but surely, the situation in Europe is better than others, but there is still a lot of work to do, especially in other countries. For this reason, a large number of drivers are afraid of electricity.

Although they are aware of the small impact on the environment, they are afraid, in their hearts, to remain “on their feet”. And the absence (or lack) of charging stations near the place of residence provokes a negative attitude. Thanks to the hybrid you kill two birds with one stone. In one fell, the “green” attitude and the possibility of filling at traditional filling stations are combined.

Hyundai interior

The description of the video seen here speaks, implicitly, of hybrid power. It does not go into details. On the other hand, the new printing of platform clerk, which will be a newspaper N3based on the Kia Sorento.

Sorento – we remind you – can be ordered in our borders in two variants: a full hybrid of 230 HP or a plug-in hybrid of 265 HP, both types included in the Hyundai price list. Confirmation of Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 will be determined. A strong retouching of options in the price list cannot be ruled out as a priority. The test will have to be passed at all costs, in order to avoid the decline of the machine that could pretend in the past, but now under time.

Improvement of technology

In this case, technology will also receive significant improvements, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).. The results of the comparison with direct competitors also pass from the equipment, which is why a step forward will have to be taken. Regarding the price list, the current one starts at 55,900 euros. Perhaps, like other players in the four-wheel sector, a slight increase will be used: it is easy to reach the threshold of 60 thousand euros.

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