I got fired from Tesla: That was a red flag on the last day

I got fired from Tesla: That was a red flag on the last day

A former IT employee was fired from this Tesla factory in Fremont, California in early June.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In June, Elon Musk informed Tesla employees that he wanted to lay off about 10 percent of the workforce.

One former IT worker who was in that 10 percent noticed unusual things the morning he was laid off. He spoke to Business Insider about his final hours at the automaker.

This article is based on a conversation between reporter Jenna Gyimesi and an anonymous former Tesla employee.

I worked in IT at Tesla for three months before I was fired in early June. On the way home I just thought to myself: “What kind of act is that?” I was not even allowed to say goodbye to my colleagues. Then I remembered the many tech hiring situations and worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a new job anytime soon.

A scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street” somehow came to my mind – in it the company is liquidated and all the employees are crying. That’s how I felt when I left the Tesla factory in California for the last time.

On the day of my layoff, I saw clear warning signs