‘I liked the thermals, I took the electric one and changed my mind after 7 days’

‘I liked the thermals, I took the electric one and changed my mind after 7 days’

We have told you about the many experiences of drivers approaching electric vehicles for the first time. There is a bad case of a driver who returned an electric car after only one day, knowing that this was not the right car, but also who took home a Fiat 500e for 18,000 euros and said he was very satisfied.

The story that we are about to tell you is undoubtedly part of the second branch, made up of those who feel good with EVand it comes out Redditthe most popular American social network.

The basis is as follows:As a car enthusiast, I’ve been following EVs since I first heard of Tesla (when they were still making the original Roadster). I’ve been frustrated by the usual problems (price, range, lack of infrastructure) and I was convinced that it would be a long time before I could own an EV.“.

It’s still: “My favorite cars have always been German hot hatches and performance sedans. I love the sound of a V8 – adds – some of my favorite cars are Lamborghini, Hellcats but also classic cars“.

But one day the user, the nickname “Businessless Kat”he decides to take action and buy electricity, especially common Nissan Leaf used, looking for a cheap car.

Even with only 90 miles of range, it’s more than enough for my daily needs in the city, and I can easily recharge it with the level 1 charger that comes with the car.“.

It’s still: “I like the way the powertrain feels, even though the first-generation Leaf has a weak engine.“. But it doesn’t stop there because the driver he could appreciate things which until recently he ignored: “I underestimated how much I would like the silence, smoothness, responsiveness and torque of a powertrain. I also underestimated how much I liked the efficiency of sitting ‘work without rest’ in traffic“.

The user says that when he bought Jani it was not in his plans sell his previous car: “But within a week I changed my mind. The Leaf’s range is more than adequate for my daily driving”, however admitting that he also has a car that he uses for long trips.

User of Reddit he concludes by writing: “I share this idea so that other people can understand what it means to have an electric car, people who, like me, love petrol cars and are not sure about electric cars”.