Ibbenbüren police reports, May 12, 2022: Ibbenbüren, car parts stolen from BMW

Ibbenbüren police reports, May 12, 2022: Ibbenbüren, car parts stolen from BMW

Theft in Ibbenbüren for now: What happened today? Read the daily reports of your local police from your area here on news.de – today with the current blue light report sent by Steinfurt police.

Current police report: theft
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Ibbenbüren, car parts stolen from BMW

Ibbenbüren (ots) –

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday (May 12, 2022), unidentified criminals unveiled the BMW X3 in a way that was not previously described. The BMW was parked under a car park in Vogtlandstrasse. At around 6:00 pm and at 3:45 am, the unidentified men removed various parts of the vehicle from the vehicle and stole it. According to preliminary results, the amount of damage is around 5,000 euros. Notes for offender are yet to be found. Police have begun an investigation. Witnesses are asked to contact Ibbenbüren police, phone number 05451/5914315.

The report was received by police on May 12, 2022, at 5:10 p.m. Steinfurt approved.

Crime statistics on house theft in Steinfurt district

According to police crime statistics (PKS) from the Federal Criminal Police (BKA), in Steinfurt district that year. 2020 all in all 320 errors in connection with burglary, when 45% of cases were criminal attempts. yes clearance rate included in 2020 23.8%. Among the 73 suspects were 14 women and 59 men. 38.4% of the population are suspects of non-German origin.

age number of suspects
under 21 16
21 to 25 10
25 to 30 7
30 to 40 20
40 to 50 11
50 to 60 7
over 60 2

For 2019, BKA police crime statistics reported 355 recorded cases of theft in Steinfurt district, the apparent rate here was 29.3%.

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