IDM regulations: Will BMW participate in 2023 or not?  / IDM Superbike

IDM regulations: Will BMW participate in 2023 or not? / IDM Superbike

Last year, the manufacturer from Munich had again won the titles of drivers and manufacturers. The technical opening in 2022 was not yet engaged. Criticism of rising costs.

Last year, promoter IDM further opened up the rules for the Superbike category. Among other things, chassis, fork bridge, camshafts, intake funnel and strut connection. Changes that did not find their way in the BMW teams, even after the decision from ‘above’, which is directly supported by the manufacturer. The 2023 regulations have not yet been published, but discussions are already underway.

“We haven’t decided yet if we will go along with the next changes and last year’s changes,” explains IDM team boss Werner Daemen. And how BMW executives answer the question about their commitment to IDM in 2023: “BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s goal is for our IDM riders to take on top roles once again and for BMW to be in a good position on the field. A topic that concerns BMW teams in IDM and BMW Motorrad Motorsport are rule changes. We and many teams criticize the changes introduced for the 2022 season, which enable more modifications in some areas, for cost reasons. That’s why we didn’t implement it – and we still won and dominated the field . But the competition now wants to take advantage of this, and we have to decide if we have to implement a rule change to be able to continue our winning streak. However, the problem is that this increases costs and in our opinion this is not in the spirit of the series and especially not in the spirit of the many individual teams and drivers that make IDM such an intense championship.”