“If he gets a plane”

“If he gets a plane”

9:27 – Marcel Brands (60) shared a great story about Carlo Ancelotti. The now-successful Italian Real Madrid coach worked for Everton with the Dutchman and was successful Toffees great madness. For example, after the first victory of the season, the coach received a very expensive watch.

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“I remember we won our first game of the season with Everton in 2020, under Carlo Ancelotti,” Brands recalls his time at Everton. Eindhovens Dagblad† “Suddenly he received a Rolls Royce from the landlord. Well. He was also surprised, he came to me and wondered if he would get a plane the following week if we won the house as well.”

Brands has been amazed by the Premier League club for years. “It was a great experience to experience a completely different world of football within a forty-minute flight from the Netherlands, but it is also not always easy. It is very difficult for many English clubs to build something solid and structural,” he says.

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Financially, very different laws apply than in the Netherlands. “Wasiness is a big word, but sometimes it goes that way,” says Brands. “It is difficult when you, as technical director, are negotiating to reduce a player’s salary by £ 5,000 a week and the owner wants to spend £ 175,000 elsewhere,” he explains. Also, dismissing a trainer is very expensive. “The cost of something like this is unbelievable.”