If we ban Volkswagen Golfs and Polo, there will be no traffic congestion

If we ban Volkswagen Golfs and Polo, there will be no traffic congestion

No, we are not saying that we should ban all Golfjes and Polootjes from Dutch roads (winking), we say áls (wink). According to Flitsmeister, the problem of traffic congestion in the Netherlands would be solved if 5 percent of minority people get into a car at high speed, reports the ANP. Low traffic congestion means less productivity, better conditions for the general population and more time to spend with family and friends. Who wouldn’t want that?

Although it has been proven that most jobs can be done from home, employers still want their employees to get stuck in traffic again. The traffic congestion pressure is as high as before the corona. Introducing a new global epidemic to allow people to work from home again is a matter of multiplication. And as you can see, we do not like programs that are exaggerated at all. Now the government can introduce more complex issues such as road prices to reduce traffic, but it could be much easier.

The corresponding percentages cannot be random

According to Dutch Statistics (CBS) we currently have 8.9 million passenger cars in the Netherlands. According to RDW data, there are approximately Volkswagen Polo and Golf 590,000 on Dutch registration and valid MOT. That is approximately 6.6 percent of all passenger cars in the Netherlands. Since Polo and Golf are the average cars in the Netherlands, we dare say that the same fraction of the speed clock has these cars.

Are not Polo and Golf drivers the cause of all evil?

Now we hear you muttering: ‘but that’s not fair at all for these Volkswagen drivers’. But have you ever considered that these Golf and Polo drivers could be the cause of the whole traffic congestion problem? And for people who say ‘think about accidents that cause traffic congestion’ we have the answer ‘it’ ‘think about it’ ‘. After all, confronting someone on grammar and not getting into the essence of an argument is the best and fastest way to win a debate.

So, if we ban all Golf and Volkswagen from Volkswagen, there will be no more traffic congestion. At least during the rush hour, and then we’ll look further. Maybe we really like that we completely ban them. Statistically it is true, so it is already true. And now it’s also on the internet, so it’s absolutely true. We look forward to your very serious response.

Oh, and of course we also looked to ban Fiat Multipla, but unfortunately (fortunately?) There are not enough copies in the Netherlands for that.