If you’re going to buy an Alfa Romeo, buy this Giulia

If you’re going to buy an Alfa Romeo, buy this Giulia

Alfa Romeo is making a Quadrifoglio Anniversario 100th edition of the Stelvio and Giulia. The edition is limited to – appropriately – 100 pieces. The four-leaf clover is a symbol of Alfa Romeo’s passion for motorsport. First it graced the tall, thin hood of the 1923 Alfa Romeo RL (the red cake in the photo above).

520 hp and gold colored brake calipers

The Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversary Editions of the Stelvio and Giulia get an engine worthy of a Quadrifoglio: the 2.9 V6 has been boosted from 510 to 520 hp. The new mechanical differential ensures better traction and the Akrapovic exhaust system gives all the neighbors goosebumps in the neighborhood.

The smaller Giulia has 19-inch alloy wheels and the Stelvio has 21-inch slippers. If you look through the five circular wheel openings, you’ll see the gold colored brake calipers. The four-leaf clover near the driver’s door is also decorated in gold. The grille and glass caps are decorated with carbon fiber.

If we were the boss of Alfa Romeo, we would paint all the cars green, because Verde Montreal is a beautiful color. But we are not, so you can also choose red or black.

Quadrifoglio 100th anniversary: ​​price and interior

The interior of both models is also enriched with gold color accents. We see gold stitching that looks great with black leather and Alcantara. ‘100’ is emblazoned on the dashboard in front of the passenger’s nose. The driver proudly looks at the four-leaf clover on the steering wheel.

Digital instruments get an additional display option: Race. Tachometer, speedometer and shift lights are clearly displayed. Because of course the automatic transmission has a manual mode.

And the price of all this happiness? At least 130,332 euros (Giulia) or 148,491 euros (Stelvio), because that’s what you currently pay for a ‘regular’ Quadrifoglio. We’re excited about the Dutch price tags for the Quadrifoglio 100th Anniversario editions…