‘In addition to Ford, Hyundai and Porsche, Cadillac is also looking at the future in F1’

‘In addition to Ford, Hyundai and Porsche, Cadillac is also looking at the future in F1’

2023-01-02 10:24:33
Team Crow

System 1 is more popular than ever. Where there has been a dearth in recent years in terms of new teams and developers, they are now lining up in abundance. A new name on the list is Cadillac.

Since the acquisition of Liberty Media, F1 has become increasingly popular. The sport has always been big, but with the arrival of Drive to Survive and three Grands Prix in the United States, the focus has only increased. This also attracts brands that are eager to connect with motorsport royalty.

Arrival of the Cadillac

2026 is a good time to enter. Then there will be new engine regulations and the related budget limit for engine manufacturers. Audi has already signed up for the season as an engine manufacturer. An aftermarket engine manufacturer is a big step forward, but there are more private individuals on the coast.

Michael Schmidt’s name Cars, Cars and Sports writes that Ford, Cadillac and Hyundai are knocking on F1’s door. This has been known for some time from Ford and Hyundai, but the name of the American car brand is a new addition to the list. Schmidt also says that Porsche is still interested in F1, despite the failed deal with Red Bull Racing.

Still, the question is whether all those names will appear in F1. The game doesn’t just bring the team. There must be a solid plan in place, also one that can convince other teams to hand over a portion of the prize money. For example, Andretti meets a lot of opposition, because other teams do not want to give money at the expense of a new team.

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