In addition to Guendouzi, another OM executive is on the way out?

In addition to Guendouzi, another OM executive is on the way out?

Jules Kutos-Bertin


When I was young, I promised myself that I would have a career related to football. Very quickly, I realized that my legs would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

If Matteo Guendouzi is still in the sights of Aston Villa, it is another important player of OM who attracts envy. Indeed, Jonathan Clauss would be followed by Atlético de Madrid. The Colchoneros are determined to send him out on loan this winter or else on a transfer next summer.

When the transfer windowOM has taken a funny turn in recent hours, the situation Matteo Guendouzi still unknown. Aston Villa he still wants it and seemed ready to offer a total of around 40M€, whichOM should have a hard time refusing. But Matteo Guendouzi is not the only executive ofIgor Tudor who is engaged.

Atlético de Madrid are trying their luck with Clauss

According to information from UsuallymeAtlético de Madrid ready to discuss with the caravan Jonathan Clauss. The idea of Colchoneros is to take him out on loan this winter or try their luck next season with a transfer.

OM should not slip

However, it is difficult to imagineOM stop Jonathan Clauss this winter. An important device poundIgor Tudor, the former Lensois has only been there for six months. If a big offer arrives this summer, theOM I will definitely think about it but until then, Jonathan Clauss appears on the way to stay in Marseille.