“In Livorno truck theft at the commission. Five have already disappeared.”

“In Livorno truck theft at the commission. Five have already disappeared.”

Livorno, 26 May 2023 – There are already five complaints submitted to the police by companies in the construction sector of Livorno, but another coup could be made in the area of ​​Rosignano: disappearing are dump trucks.

Complaints are coming out National Federation of the Artspart of Livorno.

A favorite example of thieves is Every 35 days. Three were lost in one week, including one Every 70 days. Also stolen a Cabstar of Nissan.

“We want to raise awareness among companies in the sector – he says Ilaria Nicolinithe organizer of the trade union Cna – because the thefts can be linked to each other due to the same type of vehicles and one would imagine a specialized gang ready to return them to other construction companies, perhaps abroad “.

“Another peculiarity reported to us by companies that have suffered theft – continues Niccolini – is the day it happened: Monday, even in the afternoon. Monday 15 May via Salvatore Orlando and via Filzi. Then Monday 22 May, the day of Santa Giulia, through Montanari and through Torino. Will it be bad luck? Nissan disappeared from through Leopardi, but another day. We have received rumours, currently unconfirmed by data, of similar thefts also in the Rosignano area”.

“We believe in the investigative work of the police – adds Niccolini – to ascertain whether there really is a connection between the various thefts, and with the hope of returning the necessary work equipment to companies not only for their economic value, but for their importance. to be in their work of everyday use. These are versatile vehicles and are suitable for small and medium-sized construction companies. Now to buy a new 35 quintal vehicle, in addition to having to give a large amount of money due to the increase in price. for 40 thousand euros), you have to you have to wait a long time for them to be found and they are rare even to be used. It is probably for this reason – concludes Ilaria Niccolini – that this type of car with a tipping body has been targeted by thieves.” .